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Speedy Auto Service technician provide complete tire repair and maintenance services including tire rotation, balancing, and wheel alignment

Tires & Wheels

Checking your tires condition regularly is crucial to ensure your vehicle is stopping, cornering, and maintaining adequate traction with the road, as well as delivering a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. Tires are a large investment financially but are a critical component to the vehicle’s performance and safety. Tread depth, alignment, wear pattern, tire balance and tire rotation are all things you should monitor to extend the life of your tires.

Full Range of Tire Services & Vehicle Alignment

Get the most out of your tires by taking proper care of them with routine maintenance and prevent expensive tire repairs and replacements. The skilled specialists at Speedy Auto Service provide complete tire repair and maintenance services including tire inspection, rotation and balancing, as well as wheel alignment service.  

We also carry a full line of major brand tires for all seasons and driving conditions and offer new tires installation to get you back on the road safely. 

Signs it’s time for a tire inspection

  • Your tires squeal when cornering and lack traction resulting in a bumpy ride.
  • Uneven tread wear caused by inadequate inflation, misaligned wheels or damaged tires.
  • Poor vehicle handling due to over-inflated tires or lack of necessary tire tread.
  • Cracking, cuts or blisters on the sidewalls, which signal potential weak spots that could result in sudden tire failure.
  • When you see a narrow rubber stripe (wear bar) running across your tires it indicates your tire has reached a point that, by law, it must be replaced.
  • Excessive vibration can be a sign that the tire is misaligned, unbalanced, or bent.

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