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Car Steering & Suspension

Steering and shock absorbers are vital for safe braking. A vibrating car steering wheel could mean the tires need alignment or there is an issue with your car’s suspension components. Worn components may reduce the stability of your vehicle, reduce driver control and contribute to accelerated wear on other suspension components and tires.  

Today most vehicles also have some power assistance such as variable effort steering to help with parking at low speeds and electronic power steering. The steering and suspension system is very intricate, requiring proper inspection and repairs that contribute to the quality of your ride and your vehicle’s safety. 

Common Car Suspension Repairs

It’s important to have your suspension system checked periodically to ensure your driving comfort and safety. Bring your vehicle to a Speedy Auto Service repair centre and let our skilled and licensed specialists diagnose the problem. They can recommend repair solutions, including replacing worn-out shock absorbers and struts, tire alignment, wheel alignment, repairing damaged components, and topping up power steering lubricants. 

Signs it’s time to get your car’s steering and suspension checked

  • The car is hard to steer and control.
  • The steering feels loose.
  • The vehicle is pulling to the side or brakes are dragging.
  • The steering wheel jerks or vibrates.  

Find a Speedy Auto Service near you for an inspection of your suspension system and enjoy a smooth ride. 


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