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Heating & Cooling

Driving produces an enormous amount of heat – enough to cause serious damage to your engine. A properly maintained cooling system is so essential to prevent your engine from overheating or, even worse, seizing up.  

Several warning signs your car’s air conditioner may be faulty are that your air conditioning is blowing hot air, or the smell of antifreeze coming from your car’s vents. 

A/C Repair Services

If your engine is frequently overheating, or your car’s air conditioning is not working, it’s time to let the skilled specialists at Speedy Auto Service repair centres help. We will examine your compressor, condenser and evaporator which are three components of your air conditioner that work in unison to circulate your vehicle’s refrigerant. Our mechanics will diagnose the problem and provide honest and transparent recommendations on your repair options.  

Signs that you need to get your heating & cooling system checked:

  • Dashboard temperature gauge rises when idling or moving slowly.
  • Dashboard light indicates low coolant.
  • Frequent need to add more coolant.
  • Scent of antifreeze inside vehicle.
  • Coloured liquid under the front of the vehicle.
  • Steam rising from under the hood.
  • Coolant in exhaust or discoloured coolant.

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