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Exhaust & Mufflers

A vehicle’s exhaust system is designed to keep harmful engine fumes out of your vehicle interior cabin, keep the engine running smoothly and reduce pollution from emissions. It consists of a muffler, resonator, catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.

Exhaust System and Engine Efficiency

A muffler works by sending your car’s exhaust through a system of channels, tubes and holes. A damaged or faulty exhaust system can reduce the engine’s performance and result in increased fuel consumption. Delaying needed muffler or exhaust service causes other engine problems, which can lead to more expensive repairs. 

The skilled auto mechanics at Speedy Auto Service will inspect your car’s entire exhaust system and recommend how best to service or repair any damage, including if it makes economic sense to completely replace not repair your muffler. We also carry several different mufflers and performance exhaust systems should you need your muffler replaced

Signs it’s time to repair your car’s performance exhaust or muffler

  • Your vehicle makes a louder than usual or a ticking sound when accelerating.
  • Fuel consumption increases and/or lack of performance is noted.
  • Rust is visible on exhaust system parts.
  • When rattles are evident from the exhaust system.
  • If you observe an unusual smell or burning odor (which could be a potentially dangerous exhaust leak).
  • Cars and trucks used for short journeys have a tendency to corrode their exhaust systems a lot quicker. 

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