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Engine Service

Today’s cars are complex engineering and technology marvels, with intricate monitoring systems to help detect problems as they arise. When the check engine light comes on, it signals that there’s something wrong, but doesn’t tell us what the problem is or how to fix it. The engine light can be triggered by one of the many sensors in the car including the exhaust system, fuel system, or electrical system. If this occurs, you may need a car engine repair or an engine tune-up.


At Speedy, we have highly skilled and licensed technicians who use the latest scan tools, alignment, and testing equipment to diagnose and identify problems with your vehicle.

We follow proper procedures to diagnose any issues with your vehicle. Our technicians conduct regular engine tune-ups to get you back on the road as soon and as safely as possible. We provide services for all makes and models – whether it’s a dash warning light, engine misfiring, stalling, vibrating, or if your engine won’t start, our technicians can accurately diagnose the problem.

Signs That Your Vehicle May Need an Engine Tune-Up:

  • The engine light turns on and stays on.
  • Your vehicle is stalling frequently.
  • The car is not running smoothly.
  • Your car is difficult to start or idles badly.
  • You’re spending more on gas per mileage.

Keep your vehicle running smoothly and avoid costly auto repairs down the road by investing in regular maintenance, including car engine repair and engine tune-ups.

*Not all services are available at every location.


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