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Speedy Auto Service skilled mechanics perform a 7-point battery inspection

Batteries & Electrical

Did you know that summer heat greatly reduces battery life? You may not notice the issue until winter when your battery is called upon to deliver more power to start the engine. The battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  

A battery is designed to store enough power to get your vehicle started, powering your starter, ignition, lights, stereo and more. After that, it’s up to the alternator to recharge the battery and create enough electricity to power your vehicle’s electrical components. Without a working battery, your vehicle cannot run. And, replacing a battery is not always as easy as it once was.

Speedy’s Battery Inspection Service

Adding battery inspection to your routine vehicle maintenance checklist can save you both time and money. Speedy Auto Service’s skilled mechanics perform a 7-point battery inspection that includes checking the power specifications and making sure your battery has the correct ratings for your vehicle. We also offer battery terminal cleaning, cable replacement and connection tightening services for electrical components in your car.  

Signs that it’s time for a new battery

  • The battery light comes on.
  • The alternator is making a noise.
  • The starter motor turns the engine slowly or unevenly.
  • You hear a clicking or chattering noise when you turn on the ignition. 

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