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Windshield washer fluid tips

Your nearest Speedy Auto Service location has wiper fluid for both summer and winter driving. Visibility is critical for safe driving and should not be taken for granted.

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Speedy Auto Service technician provide complete auto air conditioning services

Cooling system maintenance tips

The owner’s manual of your car provides you with the ideal frequency of maintaining your engine’s cooling system. Speedy Auto is the ideal place to get your heating and cooling system looked at for maintenance or repair if needed.

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Our Speedy Auto Service centers provide quality and preventative transmission services

Transmission maintenance tips

One of the most costly components to repair or replace, is your car’s transmission. Things such as a burning smell, noisy when in neutral, check engine light being on, and grinding and shaking are indicators that your transmission might need repair or replacement.

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Speedy Auto Service technician provide complete tire repair and maintenance services including tire rotation, balancing, and wheel alignment

Tire maintenance tips

Tires are a major purchase so you want to maximize your investment. Here are some tips to help you prolong tire life, improve gas mileage and enjoy a superior driving experience.

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Find a Speedy Auto Service centre for a reliable oil change service near you to ensure getting your car up to high speeds

Tips on Repairing & Maintaining your car

There are many people who believe for any maintenance or repair issue you must visit a repair shop. As true as this statement may be, there are many things that car owners can do to maintain their car and keep it in good running order.

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