Transmission maintenance tips

Our Speedy Auto Service centers provide quality and preventative transmission services

One of the most costly components to repair or replace, is your car’s transmission. Things such as a burning smell, noisy when in neutral, check engine light being on, and grinding and shaking are indicators that your transmission might need repair or replacement. With these tips that we have provided you can prevent any major problems occurring with your transmission.

  • Check your Fluid: Low or dirty fluid increases wear on components. The proper amount of clean fluid will extend the life of your transmission. Change your transmission fluid in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

  • Transmission Fluid: At time we forget to check our fluid, but that’s not something you want to forget. Low or dirty fluid increases the wear of components. The right amount of clean fluid will increase the lifespan of your transmission. Make sure to change your transmission fluid in accordance with the maintenance schedule recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

  • Filter Change: Regularly check and change your filters. If you have a clogged or dirty filter it will restrict the flow of fluid and can cause erratic shifting. This could damage the components and lead to costly repairs.

  • Leaks: Keep an eye out for leaks. If you see reddish transmission fluid beneath your car, you may have a leak somewhere. Ignoring it could seriously damage your transmission and could leave you stranded. There’s not much that can be done to prevent leaks, however getting your car checked regularly can prevent you from dealing with a transmission leak.

  • Clutch: If you have a manual transmission, you will be aware of how the clutch feels when you shift. If you detect a change, such as shuddering or less resistance, contact Speedy for an inspection to resolve the issue. You can prevent any major damage as long as it is taken care of immediately.

  • Owner’s Manual: Check your owner’s manual to find out how often you should have a transmission service inspection. Speedy transmission service professionals can help you keep your car’s transmission system – manual or automatic – in the best shape possible.

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