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Winter Tires at Speedy Auto Service

Every year, Canadians across the country get ready to make the recommended switch and equip their vehicles with winter tires. Driving during the winter season can be extremely dangerous and often impossible without snow tires. Whether it's a few inches of slush or several feet of snow, necessary precautions must be taken to ensure that you have the safest winter possible. Speedy Auto Service can provide you with all the information you need in order to know which snow tires are right for your vehicle.

Winter tires are specifically designed to provide better traction on snowy roads. Because they have a more aggressive tread, they cut through snow with ease, and their stronger grip makes driving in icy conditions less slippery. Winter tires are also able to stay pliable throughout colder temperatures.

Speedy Auto Service offers top brand names at great prices, with trained technicians on hand to answer any questions you may have about price, installation, performance, or any other issues. Our qualified specialists can help you choose which winter tires are the best fit for your vehicle and will ensure you are 100% comfortable before making a decision.


Do I Really Need Snow Tires?

There is a misconception that all-season tires are sufficient for the icy conditions that are associated with winter. While all-season tires provide a good grip on dry and wet roads, they are not specifically designed to handle slush, snow or ice. Winter tires are superior to any other type of tire when it comes to tire grip and braking in the snow.

If you're hesitant about installing snow tires this year, understand that they are vital to your car's performance and handling during the winter, as well as to your safety. Operating a vehicle without snow tires during winter weather is dangerous and often not worth the risk. It is highly recommended you have your snow tires installed in late October or early November.


Can I Wait Until it Actually Starts to Snow?

Many people wait until the first snow fall before they decide to upgrade their tires. This is not advisable because dropping temperatures affect the efficiency of your tires. The pressure within tires decreases along with the dipping temperatures, and causes the tires to deflate. The dangers of driving a vehicle with under-inflated tires cannot be emphasized enough. Low tire pressure causes damage to tires, making them more susceptible to a blowout, which can lead to a dangerous crash.

Don't put your life or the lives of other drivers at risk. Get your winter tires early! Speedy Auto Service has some of the best winter tires in Canada, and at a price you can afford. Stop by today and choose from a wide variety of snow tires we have available just for you.


Just Two, or Four?

One thing to keep in mind before the purchase and installation of snow tires is that it is essential to purchase them as a set of four, not just two. Some drivers think that only switching their front tires during the winter months provides adequate safety on snowy roads. Unfortunately, they are mistaken. Mixing two different kinds of tires can result in poor handling and is generally an unsafe practice. So when you have your vehicle equipped with winter tires, make sure you've got all four covered for optimum performance and safety.

At Speedy Auto Service, we take the time to explain the advantages of being well prepared for the severe conditions associated with winter in Canada. By purchasing a set of our recommended winter tires, you can drive at ease during the winter, knowing that you made the best choice for your safety.

If you would like to know more about some of the best snow tires in Canada, or are ready to have them installed, head on down to your local Speedy Auto Service shop and talk to one of our trained technicians today. We're standing by to assist you any way we can. When it comes to the best winter tire service in Canada, count on Speedy Auto Service to get you on your way in speedy time!

You can also contact us online or give us a call at 1-800-387-1410. Check out our auto repair locations page today. Don't wait too long - winter's on its way!