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Frequently Asked Questions

Because weather conditions are different in many parts of Canada and they change from year to year, the best rule of thumb is when your local temperature is consistently at or less than 7 degrees Celsius or 45 degrees Fahrenheit. At this or lower temperatures, all-season tires can’t perform effectively. The rubber hardens reducing the friction point resulting in all season tires losing traction and requiring more stopping distance.

We offer full service to all makes and models and good, better, best options on most parts. We guarantee every part and every repair from 90 days to as long as you own your car, check with your local Speedy for complete details.

At Speedy we offer both. We can schedule an appointment convenient for you or drop by, no appointment needed, and experience our first come first serve same day service for most repairs.

We offer all of the top tire brands and everything from your vehicles original equipped tire to any tire to suit your budget.

Check with your local Speedy.

We have your vehicles Manufacturers Maintenance Schedule and suggest you follow it. We can help you manage all of your Oil and Maintenance needs. Our Maintenance Package includes an Oil Change, Tire Rotation, Multi-Point Inspection, and Free 120 Day Roadside Assistance.