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Speedy Tire Shop, Tire Repair and Tire Service

Keeping your tires running smoothly and properly extends the life of your car. Speedy's tire shop is more than a place to have some winter tires put on. Our tire service professionals help you decide what tires suit both your type of driving and the current season.

It is important to remember, tires don't wear evenly. Routine tire rotation and the proper level of inflation extend the life of your tires and your brakes. Drivers with smooth tires, driving in slick conditions, are forced to apply a lot of pressure to their brakes, causing brake pads to wear faster than normal. At Speedy Auto Service, our tire shop takes care of your tire rotation or replacement quickly and at a great price.


Why Choose Speedy for Tire Repair and Tire Service?

  • We offer the best brand names in tires at great prices

  • We have qualified specialists that will help you make the right choice

  • Speedy is a one-stop tire shop and tire service center, equipped to suit your tire needs

There are several types of tires available to suit your driving habits, your vehicle and the road conditions where you live. Choosing the right tire is important because it's where your car meets the road. Tires provide the traction for stopping, cornering and they help absorb road bumps to give you a smooth, safe and comfortable ride.

All-season tires are one of the most popular tires sold today. They are designed to handle dry and wet pavement and a small amount of snow.

Performance tires are designed to really hold the road. They provide crisp, responsive handling but you may sacrifice some ride comfort.

Winter tires are specially constructed to provide traction on snow-covered roads. Winter tires remain pliable in cold weather and have a more aggressive tread design to give you better traction.

Off-road tires are designed for highway comfort and rugged enough for the backwoods trail. They provide grip and traction in mud, turf and a smooth ride on the highway.Before you visit your local Speedy store, think about the type of driving you do to help make the right choice.


Winter Tires

Speedy has locations all across Canada, and has plenty of experience servicing drivers in cities with a lot of snow in the winter. If you have no choice but to drive in snowy conditions, we recommend winter tires to keep you and your passengers safe. While all-season tires handle wet roads effectively, winter tires give superior control when driving on snow-covered roads.

Visit a Speedy tire shop to quickly have your tires replaced with winter tires as snowy weather approaches. We also perform a series of checks so you know if there is anything going on with your car that might compromise safety. Slippery weather isn't the only thing compromising the handling and stoppage time of your tires. Tires with little or no tread leave your car at risk when trying to avoid accidents.


Taking Care of Your Tires

There are several rules and tips drivers can follow to avoid constant trips to a tire shop. Taking care of your tires on your own should leave you needing professional tire service once or twice a year at the most, depending on the amount you drive and where you live.

Checking your tire pressure once a month helps maximize the life of your tires by making sure they are not over or under inflated. Over inflated tires leaves them running on the middle of the tire, causing less contact with the road, meaning less traction, and uneven wear. An under inflated tire causes decreased handling, a rough ride, and your brakes having to work harder than necessary to stop. Purchasing a tire gauge for a few dollars helps determine your tires pressure on your own, leaving your trips to the tire shop to every six months at the most.

You should have your tires replaced or rotated every 10,000 km, or as often as your owner's manual suggests. When you schedule maintenance at a Speedy tire shop, our certified technicians make sure your tires wear evenly. Front tires often wear faster than rear tires due to the excess rubbing along the pavement when steering. Scheduled tire rotation maximizes the life of your tires.

Switching to winter tires when cold months approach doesn't mean buying new tires every year. When visiting a Speedy tire shop to have your tires replaced, ask your technician how you can store your tires so they can be put back on in the spring. When tires are stored over the winter, they should be cleaned, stored indoors, and stacked to not rest on the tread all season. At Speedy, we work with you to maintain the life of your tires and car.

Remember, at Speedy, You're a Somebody.