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Tire Repair at Speedy Auto Service

Almost everyone needs tire repair from time to time. A nail or sharp screw or some other piece of debris will puncture your tire, and whether it’s gradual or sudden, your tire deflates. Damage to the tire’s valve stem, while less obvious, can also cause a flat. Needing to have a tire repaired is inconvenient, but not a serious problem when dealt with correctly.

If your tire deflates, keep in mind that it could be for various reasons, including that the rim is not sealing properly with the tire. In that case, simply inflate the tire and arrange an appointment at your nearest Speedy Auto Service location for a tire inspection and repair. If it’s a puncture causing the problem, install the spare tire—be sure to check that tire pressure is properly adjusted—then bring your car in for tire repair at Speedy. A damaged or punctured tire must be repaired properly so that you stay safe on the road.

Our trained technicians will perform an effective tire repair, first by removing the tire completely from the rim and locating the source of the problem. To repair a tire puncture, we will plug the path of the injury to prevent moisture from entering the tire and causing deterioration. If the valve stem is at fault, we’ll replace it as well.


Maintenance Tips: Preventing the Need for Tire Repair

Prevent the need for tire repair with these tips:

  • Always keep tires inflated to the proper level – this prevents undue wear and also improves handling and fuel economy
  • Rotate tires at recommended intervals to even out the wear and prevent some tires from wearing out before the others tires
  • Have the wheel alignment checked, as incorrect wheel alignment can cause rapid tire wear and damage
  • Always use the right kind of tires for your vehicle – at Speedy Auto Service you will learn the differences between performance tires, all-season and winter tires, and obtain recommendations on the correct tires for your car, for each time of year

Note that punctures to tire sidewalls usually cannot be repaired. For more information, contact your nearest Speedy Auto Service location and talk to our helpful tire repair experts. Avoid the need for tire repair with proper tire maintenance – Speedy technicians can help.