Components of steering and suspension systems

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are critical to a safe, comfortable ride. When power steering is working optimally, you can respond to unexpected obstacles in the road, and enjoy safe, comfortable maneuvering every day. The suspension system absorbs bumps in the road as well the impact of sudden stops, keeping the ride safe and smooth, so it’s important to maintain your vehicle’s steering and suspension components to ensure a high level of comfort and stability.

The steering system consists of the steering wheel, steering column, track rods, tie rods, and steering arm. The suspension system is made up of the chassis or frame, springs and dampeners like shock absorbers or struts, arms and axles, the C.V. shaft, and sway or torsion bars. These components all take a lot of impact and wear, and without proper maintenance, they can wear out prematurely.

Maintain proper steering and suspension with a few simple, affordable tactics. Inspect shocks regularly for cracks or leaks, and watch for uneven tire wear – it can indicate faulty shocks or struts. Keep power steering fluid topped up and make sure wheels are properly aligned and tires are inflated to the correct pressure. If you’ve never had these components checked, visit Speedy Auto Service for a thorough inspection of your steering and suspension systems.

Identifying Steering and Suspension Issues

Some components in your car’s steering and suspension can eventually wear out and need repair or replacement. Check with Speedy’s expert technicians if you detect any of these warning signs:

  • Loose or difficult steering
  • Vehicle pulls to one side
  • Steering wheel vibrates
  • Excessive and/or uneven tire wear
  • Increased bouncing over bumps or at stops
  • Nose diving at sudden stops
  • Unusual noises while turning

If you suspect a problem with your steering and suspension, have a Speedy technician inspect shocks, struts and other components. Check with your nearest Speedy Auto Service location to stay safe and comfortable on the road.



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