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Biju Abraham, Edmonton, Alberta

The opportunity to become a Speedy franchisee simply came about at the right place and the right time, and although I had many years experience in the automotive industry, I had very little prior experience with the Speedy brand itself. Since becoming a member of the Speedy team I have found the support from the head office downward to be fantastic as well as the loyalty among my clientele to the Speedy brand to be exceptional.


Joe Costa, Mississauga, Ontario

I originally decided to become a Speedy franchisee because it was affordable and the location was very close to home. But I was pleasantly surprised with the customer loyalty that goes along with the Speedy brand name. The head office has also been very helpful and supportive while still allowing me to remain largely independent in my operations. Speedy has made it easy for me to run my own business while remaining close to my family.


Mike Ouellette, North Bay, Ontario

After spending a large portion of my career with a competitor I am very happy to be a franchisee with Speedy. The independence that goes along with running my own shop has been great and the Speedy name is very well known in the industry. The relationships I have with representatives from my market area as well as the head office have been incredibly beneficial in regards to improving my shops operations and my ability to help my community.


Rick Mate, St. Thomas, Ontario

I've had a long previous history with the Speedy brand so I was very familiar with their superior brand recognition and reputation for quality in the automotive industry. I have found the folks at the head office to be very knowledgeable and helpful whenever I’ve needed them. The great support systems in place coupled with Speedy's reputation in the industry has made being a franchisee very enjoyable.