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High Demand, Fast Growth, and a Track Record of Success

When you buy a franchise with Speedy, you join a company with a 60 year record of customer satisfaction.With over 70 locations spanning from coast to coast, Speedy Auto Service is a name with national brand recognition.

Speedy Muffler King opened its first store in 1956. It was one of the first muffler replacement specialists in North America. In the years since, we have grown and expanded as a company, becoming a recognized leader in all aspects of automotive repair.

Today, you can find Speedy Auto Service locations from Victoria to Halifax. Our national reach means that people across the country recognize Speedy as a trusted automotive repair centre. We have franchises for sale across Canada, just waiting for the right person to take on this business opportunity.

Speedy’s success is based on our vision for excellence. This excellence has helped us build a brand that people want to be a part of, creating a demand that is driving the expansion of our service locations.

And, with every new location, our brand recognition grows, making each new Speedy franchise a better business opportunity than the last. As we grow nationally, we grow individually, too!

We are looking for individuals who want to take control of their future and enjoy the rewards of owning their own business while benefiting from being part of a franchise system.

Potential candidates must be motivated and committed to being proactive in starting the business and paying close attention to its management. At Speedy Auto service we are looking for individuals with solid business qualifications and experience managing and supervising others. Ideally, you will have demonstrated strengths in automotive service retail management.

Remember, with Speedy, whether you’re a customer, an employee, or a franchise owner, You’re a Somebody!


How we Achieved the Success we Enjoy Today

The key to Speedy Auto Service’s success is our efficient, on-time, high quality service. Our customers know that Speedy Auto shops operate with precision, providing effective and lasting repairs to client vehicles with friendly customer service. Having access to quality parts, we can provide all the necessary services for any make or model of vehicle. We have an unrivalled system for customer intake, servicing and discharge.

Because the Speedy Auto Service business model is second to none, when there’s a Speedy franchise for sale, it doesn’t last long.

We are the acknowledged experts in brake and muffler service. We have held this position for decades through our commitment to quality service and our aggressive leveraging of local and national media. More recently, we have made great inroads in online advertising through search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media.

Our advertising efforts have paid huge dividends. Today, few automotive shops can make the claim to be a household name in Canada, and none can do it with the same certainty as Speedy.

By leveraging our reputation and expertise in brakes and exhaust systems, Speedy Auto is able to extend our service to complete automotive repair and maintenance, creating greater value for our customers and a better business opportunity for potential franchise owners.

No wonder there is high demand whenever a Speedy Auto franchise is for sale!


Capitalize on a Winning Opportunity with a Speedy Franchise for Sale

A 2012 outlook study indicates that the automotive repair sector is a superior business opportunity.

The vehicle aftermarket is now estimated to be worth $19.4 billion and employs 420,000 Canadians. These jobs represent 50% of all employment in the automotive industry.

In the years to come, the automotive repair sector in Canada is expected to grow rapidly. And, with this growing demand, comes more opportunities to purchase one of Speedy Auto Service’s franchises for sale!

Longer vehicle operation life means that demand is especially acute for vehicle repair and maintenance, making investment in an auto service shop an excellent business opportunity.

With the current economic climate, people are holding onto their vehicles longer. 54% of all vehicles registered in Canada are now over eight years in age, with the average age standing at 8.54 years in age. Not only are people holding on to their vehicles longer, they are also purchasing more used vehicles. Used vehicle sales represented 65.6% of all vehicles sold in Canada in 2011.

People have also been driving their vehicles more. In 2011, there were 22.2 million vehicles registered in Canada with a total of 469.8 billion kilometers driven that year - an average of 21,995 kilometers per vehicle. Not only is the average mileage recorded per vehicle for the year higher than in the past, drivers are also keeping their vehicles on the road longer, with the average retired vehicle acquiring an estimated 320,000 kilometers in its lifetime.

Knowing that people are driving their cars more and knowing that used vehicles require more service and repair, now is a great time to join the Speedy Auto family by purchasing one of our franchises for sale!


A Winning Business Opportunity

Speedy works hard to ensure that new franchise owners achieve the high level of success we’ve come to expect. As a Franchisee you will benefit from our internal systems, training, advertising, purchasing programs and increasing sales margins.

As a nation-wide chain, we can offer franchisees bulk purchasing economies on parts, fluids, tires and more. These economies of scale mean that you can get the parts you need at a better rate than many of your competitors.

Even if you’re not an expert mechanic, we can help you develop the knowledge you need to make your franchise purchase a successful business investment. Using external and internal resources, the training acquired from Speedy Auto is one of the best in the industry. We have extensive experience in training and preparing franchise owners for success in their new business opportunity.

In hand with great training comes Speedy Auto’s business systems to back it up. Joining the Speedy family means that you get access to our successful systems management, helping you achieve significant successes when you buy a franchise.

All of these useful benefits make purchasing one of Speedy Auto Service’s franchises ideal for any new or experienced business owner.

Our franchisee associates, who have been around for 25 years and more, can tell you about additional Speedy Auto’s benefits.

This is how we keep our position in the industry and our solid reputation.

When you consider all these benefits, who wouldn’t choose embracing abusiness opportunity with Speedy Auto Service?


Join the Speedy Auto team

Speedy Auto Service is expanding. There are major opportunities in the automotive industry, and we are very well positioned to capitalize on them. The chance to buy one of Speedy Auto Service’s franchises for sale doesn’t come along often, so don’t consider just any franchise, consider one with a proven formula… Speedy Auto Service.

Franchise Requirements

Speedy has franchises for sale in territories across Canada. We are open to proposals for new locations in every province and territory in the country.

The initial investment to own a franchise depends on a number of factors. The size of the shop and its geographic location play an important part in determining this cost. Whether you are looking to convert an existing automotive repair shop to the Speedy banner, buy an existing franchise that’s for sale, or build a brand new “greenfield” location will also have a significant impact on the start-up costs.

Whatever franchise opportunity you’re looking for, Speedy will work closely with you to assess your specific needs and requirements and provide, in advance, an estimated amount for the initial investment.

The franchise fee to own a Speedy Auto Service shop is $35,000. This fee covers services Speedy provides the franchisee, including training, use of Speedy trademarks, Speedy legal, and transaction costs, to name a few.

In order to be eligible to purchase a franchise, the investor must have $75,000 - $100,000 in cash and a minimum net worth of $250,000. We want to ensure that anyone purchasing a franchise for sale by Speedy has the capacity to get the business off the ground and to build it up for long-term success.

The above costs will finance your establishment of a service centre. Once your shop is up and running, Speedy will require two percentage fees

A royalty fee of 5% of retail sales to cover ongoing services, including: Business management assistance and advice, supplier negotiations, advertising initiatives, and field support.

An advertising fee of 1% of retail sales. Speedy collects this fee and it is managed by the Franchisee Advisory Council, an elected group of Speedy franchisees who conduct regular regional meetings with the franchise group to determine the most beneficial means of spending the advertising fund.


Join the Speedy Team!

Investing in a Speedy franchise is a fantastic business opportunity for investors looking for a consistent return on their investment. When you buy one of our franchises for sale, you receive access to our decades of experience, discounted parts costs, innovative and proven administrative systems, and a brand name known across the country.

More than that, you become part of the Speedy family. We embrace our new franchise owners and work to incorporate them into the broader community of franchisees who have made our company so successful over the years.

Call today to get more information on how you can make a smart investment and join the Speedy family as we continue our expansion across the country.

Remember, at Speedy, You’re a Somebody!