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All About Winter Tires

Despite all-weather tires being a decent choice for those looking to streamline their tire collection, when it comes to snow, slush, ice and freezing temperatures, nothing beats a winter tire.

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Winter Tires vs. All Seasons vs. All Weather

While all-season and all-weather may seem to one in the same, the fact of the matter is that each type differs greatly from the next.

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Is Your Car Ready For the School Year?

Over the summer your car has endured a lot, like driving to and from the beach, camping, road trips, visiting friends and family, and a couple outings your sibling may or may not have told you about. So,...

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Best Back-to-School Cars in Canada

September is just around the corner, and that means now it the time to start tackling the laundry list of items needed to embark on the upcoming school year. And for the mature student (16+ years) there...

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What Do My Car's Dashboard Lights Mean?

Have you ever wondered, "What do the lights on my vehicle's dashboard mean?" Speedy Auto Service has created a visual guide to help explain what the lights on your vehicle's dashboard mean.

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Top Road Trip Apps in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer when it comes to exploring. Speedy has rounded up five great apps you can use in order to make the most out of your road trips.

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What to do if my car overheats?

You’re driving down the highway when it happens; steam comes billowing out from under the hood of your car, it’s overheating, and you’re left thinking, “What do I do?”

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All you need to know about wheel alignment

A knock from a mighty pothole, going over a speed bump too quickly, and even the regular wear and tear of everyday driving can have detrimental effects on your vehicle’s suspension and steering causing a need for a wheel alignment. But what exactly is wheel alignment and why is it important?

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Don't Overlook the Importance of Regular Oil Changes

A quick peek into your owner’s manual will give you an indication of how often you should have your oil changed, but there might not be much of an explanation as to why it’s so important.

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The cost of owning a car across Canada

Insurance rates, gas prices, registration fees, and the cost of emissions tests all vary by province making it very pricey to own a car in Canada. Here's a look at how these fees impact drivers...

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