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Engine Flush

Eliminate Sludge with an Engine Flush

What exactly is sludge and why is it so harmful to your vehicle’s engine? Sludge is created from the interaction of chemicals and from the contaminants that result from your engine’s mechanical processes and combustion. These include soot from combustion, dirt, water, fuel, heat, and coolant. Soot, as well as oxidation, can thicken oil, preventing it from circulating freely through the motor. Water, via condensation, can emulsify in the oil and also thicken it, reducing its flow and increasing its viscosity, leading to harmful deposits. Without a periodic engine flush, this harmful sludge builds up and leads to poor oil flow, which means the oil can no longer cool your engine effectively or lubricate it properly. Talk to the certified technicians at Speedy about how an engine flush will eliminate sludge from your car’s engine.

Do I Need An Engine Flush if I Get Regular Oil Changes?

Regular oil changes do not replace an engine flush; both are important parts of proper vehicle maintenance. Burning fuel produces sludge, and an engine flush is a process that cleans the sludge, dirt, and harmful buildup from your car’s engine before it can hamper the flow of oil and damage your engine. An engine flush improves the motor’s overall performance and prolongs its life.

How Is an Engine Flush Performed?

After the used oil is drained from your car, cleansing chemicals and solvents circulate through the idling engine using the same route as the motor oil, dissolving build-up. These chemicals are then drained into the oil pan and disposed of appropriately and safely. After that, a Speedy technician will add the correct amount of the right grade of oil for your car’s optimal engine performance.

The result is a more efficient, cooler engine and better mileage, saving you money over time. Make an annual engine flush at Speedy part of your affordable vehicle maintenance routine.