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Oil Change in Fredericton

Your Trusted Destination for an Oil Change in Fredericton


No matter how you drive, where you drive or what you drive, you will need to go for regular oil changes. In Fredericton, Speedy Auto Service has been providing first-class service to our customers for years. Hundreds of customers have put their trust in our hands when it comes to the safety of their vehicle. Speedy's trained mechanics have decades of combined experience in offering quick oil changes in Fredericton.


Speedy's Fredericton auto repair location is part of a nation-wide network of automotive specialists. At Speedy, we have over 65 years experience providing excellent service at an affordable price. We value our customers and want to make sure that your experience at Speedy is a great one that keeps you coming back for whatever your car service needs.


There are several benefits to getting a regular oil change in Fredericton, which include the following:

  • • A routine oil change in Fredericton will help your engine run smoothly. We will replace the old dirty oil and help clean the built up sludge out of your engine.
  • • Can help you save tons of money on engine repair and related maintenance costs.
  • • Can significantly reduce gas costs, as the engine is able to run more efficiently after an oil change in Fredericton.

We all know that checking your engine oil and having it changed at regular intervals is important, but do you know how it actually helps the engine? Engine oil is essentially the lifeblood of your engine, keeping it lubricated and clean. Additionally, it also helps many of the engine components stay cool under heavy heat and pressure. Without doing proper engine tune-ups, you could end up risking the longevity of your vehicle. A simple oil change in Fredericton can cost you a fraction of the cost of repairing your engine.


Your local Speedy Auto Service shop offers much more than just oil changes in Fredericton; we provide our customers with a full range of automotive repair services. If you have booked an appointment for an oil changes in Fredericton in advance, we promise to have you in and out of our shop in as little time as possible. At Speedy, we know how much you rely on your vehicle, so we ensure that all our services are affordable. When you come for an oil change in our Fredericton store, you'll get it fast and at a great price!


For honest advice concerning auto maintenance and repairs, feel free to stop by your local Speedy Auto Service shop in Fredericton, located at 951 Prospect Street just north of Smythe Street.


At Speedy, You're a Somebody and that's something that keeps our customers coming back to us for their automotive repair needs.