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Full-Service Auto Repair in Winnipeg

Welcome to Speedy Auto Service - 1311 McPhillips St.

Winnipeg is smack dab in the middle of Canada. Whether you turn east or west, you will find a Speedy Auto Service location en route. Speedy has become known for excellence in auto repair in Winnipeg as well as right across this great nation. For over 50 years, Canadians have trusted Speedy with their vehicles, making us Canada's best-known name for one-stop auto repair in Winnipeg as well as all the way from Victoria to St. John's.

Whether you need an alignment, brake work, a new set of tires or a simple oil change, Winnipeg auto repair experts know Speedy is the place to come. You can find us centrally located at 1311 McPhillips Street on the corner of Inkster Boulevard. Give us a call at (204) 589-5381 or book an appointment online. Our team of Winnipeg auto repair technicians will quickly attend to your needs and speed you on your way.

The Best of the Best in Winnipeg Auto Repair

Have you heard of S.A.S.? It's the Special Air Service, the British Army's crack troops. We like to think of ourselves as the S.A.S. of the automotive world. At Speedy Auto Service, we have a proven methodology for auto repair. In Winnipeg, you will find shops with different methods, or none at all. Some even want you to drop your vehicle off for the whole day. How convenient is that?

Speedy Winnipeg auto repair technicians are experienced and knowledgeable. They are Speedy-trained, which means that they are more efficient than most. In dynamic Winnipeg, auto repair can't take up too much of your precious time so we book only as many appointments as we can handle on the spot.

We also have the latest equipment and better equipment eliminates guesswork. State-of-the-art diagnostics tell our Winnipeg auto repair specialists what's in need of repair right away. This means your hard-won dollars aren't spent on investigative work, but on actual auto repair. In Winnipeg, you will find Speedy's prices extremely competitive.

Extreme Winter Weather Requires Regular Oil Changes In Winnipeg

Anywhere that block heaters are de rigeur, you can bet that winter weather is extreme. Many people don't realize the important relationship between engine oil and cold temperatures, but our Speedy Winnipeg oil change specialists can tell you the whole story.

As the temperature drops, your engine oil gets thicker. So when you turn the key in cold weather, your engine cranks for longer before that thick oil can be pumped up to lubricate the entire engine. To protect your vehicle from engine damage in Winnipeg, an oil change before the onset of winter is highly recommended. That's because a lighter weight oil can coat your engine more quickly for better protection. Naturally you will want to have an oil change in Winnipeg again before the summer weather comes back, too.

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Winter or summer, the recommended frequency of oil changes in Winnipeg or anywhere else is directly related to how much driving you do. As your engine runs, tiny particles of carbon escape the cylinders and find their way into your engine's oil bath. When it gets dirty, oil does a poor job of protecting your engine from harm.

That's why it's important to consult your owner's manual for the recommended frequency of oil changes. In Winnipeg, Speedy Auto Service is your one-stop shop for all automotive needs. Call (204) 589-5381 to set an appointment today, or book online. We appreciate your business!

Five Gears Speedy Auto Service is a proud and integral component of 5 Gears Auto Care.