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Oil Change in Waterloo at Speedy's Auto Repair Shop

Between the hot summers and the cold winters that we face in Waterloo Ontario, your engine can be made to work in some extreme conditions. Motor oil plays a huge role in keeping your engine working properly, even in trying temperatures. Oil and lubrication minimizes friction between your engine’s components while simultaneously keeping them from overheating. Regular oil and filter changes are especially important if you drive in dusty conditions, tow trailers, carry heavy loads, or if your daily commute contains a lot of stop-and-go traffic. It’s also important to get your oil changed if you’re driving in cold conditions, which is inevitable in Kitchener-Waterloo for at least a few months each year.

Speedy Auto Service offers thorough but fast oil changes at a fair price. That's why many of the university and college students who attend Wilfrid Laurier, the University of Waterloo or Conestoga College come to Speedy for our oil change service, and other auto shop needs such as brake repair.

Understanding your auto shop needs

The first step in knowing what sort of repair work your vehicle might need is to properly diagnose the problems. Some issues like a malfunctioning headlamp are easy enough to spot, but when the check engine light comes on, the cause of the problem may not be immediately clear. Our certified staff will perform all the required diagnostic checks to determine what needs fixing. Then they’ll offer you a maintenance plan and schedule that’s tailored for your vehicle’s needs. If you have any questions about your vehicle or the work that needs to be done, our staff is here to provide answers.

Brake repairs

Let’s say you’re driving through Waterloo on the Conestoga Parkway and the driver in front of you suddenly slams on the brakes. You’ll need your brakes to be working at their best so that you can stop in time to avoid a collision. That scenario can play out any day, and on any road in Waterloo, and we like to think that we play our part in helping prevent accidents by keeping drivers equipped with properly functioning brake pads and shoes. Wherever you may be driving around Waterloo, if you hear grinding or screeching noises when you hit the brakes, head into Speedy Auto Service to get them working at their best again.

Tune-ups and engine servicing

To say your engine is a complex system is an understatement. There are a multitude of components that need to work in unison to keep your car running. Regular engine tune-ups involve inspecting, and when needed, replacing, spark plugs, wires, filters, and a variety of other parts. Those routine tune-ups can identify small problems, and fix them before they turn into bigger issues that require more complex repair work.

Waterloo drivers have come to us with all sorts of vehicle troubles, and we’ve always been there to help them get back on the road. Whether you need an Oil Change in Waterloo, scheduled maintenance, a large repair job, or anything in between, you can trust your vehicle to Speedy Auto Service as people around Waterlo, Kitchener and Cambridge have been for years. Stop by our shop at 255 Weber St. N in Waterloo, or call us at (519) 885-6110 to book an appointment.