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Potholes, snow, ice, and sweltering temperatures. Those are just some of the challenges drivers in Toronto will have to face over the course of the year. If you’re in the Humewood area, you’ll also have some TTC streetcar tracks to navigate on St. Clair Ave. It’s not easy being a driver in the heart of Toronto, and that’s why you need your car to be running at its best. We’ve been helping drivers in Toronto navigate the concrete jungle safely for years.

Our team of trusted experts

All of the technicians at our Speedy Auto Service Humewood Neighbourhood location have been professionally trained and certified and boast over 110 years of experience combined. That knowledge not only lets us repair vehicles efficiently and effectively, but also lets us explain just why the work needs to be done. If you have any questions about your vehicle or the repairs it needs, we’re here to provide answers and offer you peace of mind.

Oil change services

To keep you moving Toronto, you need a well-functioning engine. Regular oil and filter changes give your engine the oil it needs so that vital parts can stay lubricated to protect against friction, and stay cool to protect against overheating. Traffic on St. Clair, around Humewood, and all over Toronto can be stop-and-go at times, which puts more stress on your engine. Help it stay in top condition with routine oil changes at Speedy.

A range of other auto repair services

Your vehicle is a complex combination of components, and we’re capable of fixing those components when they start giving you trouble. In addition to offering dealer-approved factory schedule maintenance work – like oil, lube, and filter changes – we have the expertise to service exhaust systems, engines, suspensions, tires, air conditioners, brakes, and more.

Automotive workshops for women

There’s a stereotype that women aren’t very knowledgeable about cars. We’re all for breaking that stereotype. Female drivers are always welcome at our Women’s Car Care Workshops, which further their automotive knowledge so that they can feel confident both on the road and in the garage. We cover a range of car care topics, including the benefits of preventative and routine maintenance. The workshops also come loaded with car care tips that can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your vehicle.

Award-winning service

Our shop is honoured to have received the TCN Reader’s Choice Diamond Award for Best Automotive Service six years in a row. It’s an award that reflects our friendly and helpful customer service, our reliable work, and our fair prices. We take to heart the motto, At Speedy You’re a Somebody.

We love being a part of the Humewood area, and being able to keep our friends and neighbours on the road safely is a great source of pride for us. We know that driving in Toronto and beyond can cause wear on cars and trucks and that many of our customers rely on their vehicles to get around Toronto every day. That’s why we take all of our repair jobs seriously and work to get our customers back on the road quickly and with confidence. If you need scheduled maintenance, or if you’ve encountered an unexpected problem with your vehicle, come into our Auto shop at 660 St. Clair Ave. W or call us at (416) 657-1726 to book an appointment.

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