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Speedy is the #1 One-Stop Shop for Maintenance and Auto Repair in Thunder Bay

For Auto Repair in Thunder Bay, visit Speedy at 677 Memorial Avenue

When you're in need of auto repair in Thunder Bay, Speedy Auto Service's certified technicians always go the distance for you. For over 50 years, Speedy has provided superior auto repair. In Thunder Bay and from coast to coast we have a commitment to quality, reliability and great service, from the simplest maintenance to the most complex repair. Speedy takes pride in being your number one choice for maintenance and auto repair in Thunder Bay.

Do you need new winter tires? Not sure why your "Check Engine" light is on? Or maybe you need an alignment? Speedy technicians have a broad range of experience to meet all Thunder Bay auto repair demands.

With Speedy Auto Service, you always know you're getting the best car service and the best technicians at the best price. Whenever you need auto repair in Thunder Bay, from money-saving maintenance, to more extensive work, Speedy is your reliable and dedicated auto service centre. We're committed to getting you back on the road as quickly and as safely as possible.

Quality Oil Change in Thunder Bay When You Need It

When you need auto repair in Thunder Bay, from an oil change to a brake overhaul, you want the best advice and access to the widest range of options available to you. Speedy Auto Service has the choices you need for the highest quality and most efficient service, including oil changes. In Thunder Bay, Speedy is your go-to one-stop shop!

At Speedy Auto Service, we carry oil and filters for most makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs, so service is always timely. Speedy will always offer you the most appropriate and effective option for your oil change in Thunder Bay " based on factors like the age and mileage of your vehicle, and the type of driving that you do. Plus, our national scale gives us the buying power to offer competitively priced oil changes in Thunder Bay.

If you're unsure of how often to get an oil change in Thunder Bay, just ask. Factors like mileage, vehicle age, extremes of Ontario weather, and road conditions all affect the frequency with which you should get oil changes. In Thunder Bay, you'll most likely want a lighter oil for the winter, as it will help your vehicle to start more easily and protect your motor more quickly in cold temperatures. Get your Speedy oil change in Thunder Bay; we're here to assist you.

Thunder Bay Intercity Auto Shop

Speedy Auto Service is conveniently located at 677 Memorial Avenue, just north of the Harbour Expressway. Visit us for all your vehicle maintenance needs including brakes, exhaust, general tune-ups or an oil change in Thunder Bay. Call us at 807-345-3441 or book an appointment online. We appreciate your business and pride ourselves on great service.