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Quality Auto Repair in St. Catharines

Speedy Auto Service - 76 Hartzel Road

St. Catharines is a beautiful city that is bordered by Lake Ontario, Thorold, Niagara on the Lake and Jordan. Our Speedy Auto Service garage is located at 76 Hartzel Road which has easy access off of Queenston Street and is just minutes away from the Garden City Golf Course.

One of the more frequent auto repairs we do at our shop is brake repair. If you do a lot of city driving your brake pads or lines will eventually wear out from stoplights and road congestion. Fortunately vehicle engineers thought out the braking process and there are plenty of warning signs that you will observe before ever coming close to total brake failure.

You know you will need brake repair when:

There are several ways your car may be telling you that you need brake repair. The first way is that your dashboard’s brake light is glowing or flashing. An amber light typically means that there is a problem with your anti-lock brakes while a red light could mean that the parking brake or hand brake is still engaged. A red light may also mean your brake fluid is low. The light could vary depending on your manufacturer, so always consult your owner’s manual first, or bring it into Speedy Auto Service to have us check for an issue.

A second way is that the brake pedal is spongy. If your brake pedal seems off, this is typically caused by air that has gotten into your brake line from fluid loss. Or it could mean that you have a low amount of brake fluid. Similarly, the brake pedal may pulse when you brake. This is a sign of a warped brake rotor or a rotor that has worn unevenly.

Squealing Brakes are a common sign we've all heard from other cars when driving about the city. In most situations this is a sign that your brake pads are wearing out. Fortunately brake pads are easy to replace and are not expensive. We recommend you get the pads changed before they wear out completely as you will run the risk of damaging costly components.

Finally, other brake service symptoms that you might notice with your brakes may include your car shaking when you brake, grinding noises, and your car pulling to one side when you applying pressure to the brake pedal. With any symptoms, be sure to bring your car in for service as soon as possible. While your car may still drive fine, the problem will only worsen over time and end up costing you more money to repair.

Oil Changes in St. Catharines

One of the most common services every vehicle needs is an oil change. It’s a service Speedy Auto Service has always taken great pride in as it’s our chance to continue to impress you. We realize that it is often difficult to make it to the auto garage as you have responsibilities and lots on the go. For example, you may be a student at Brock University or Niagara College, who is knee deep with assignments. Or you might be putting in extra time at work as it's the busy season. By booking an appointment with Speedy, you can fit in an oil change that works for you. We are even open on Saturdays until 1 pm, meaning you don’t have to stress about finding time during the work week to find time to get an oil change.

Oil changes are important for your vehicle as your car's oil will degrade with time and use. Oil performs three major functions for your vehicle, the first being it keeps engine components working smoothly and not causing metal on metal friction. Secondly, oil helps draw heat away from the hot components of your engine and combustion chamber. Finally, oil prevents the build up of carbon from accumulating in your engine. Without regular oil changes, the lifespan of your vehicle would shorten greatly, and vehicle maintenance would become prohibitively expensive.

St. Catharines Auto Repair

Speedy Auto Service in St. Catharines services any auto repair you may need. Our mechanics have the experience and knowledge to fix older vehicles as well as modern cars which have computerized senors and systems. For example, a flashing engine could mean your engine coolant temperature sensor needs replacing, or it could mean that you need new ignition coils. In some instances, a check engine light could even mean you have a lose or damaged gas cap. Our mechanics can tell you what's wrong pretty quick, and have you on your way.

Sensors don’t tell you everything about your car, so should you hear an unusual noise, or if your car feels off, pop by Speedy St. Catharines and explain your car’s signs and symptoms to us. With years of experience behind us, we’ve helped repair and solve many automobile problems and are confident we can help you no matter what kind of car you may drive.

Muffler Repair St Catharines

While St. Catharines most defining transportation icon is the Welland Canal, the city is no stranger to beautiful roads and highways. The main access routes into St. Catharines are served by the QEW that runs west from 15 Mile Creek to Garden City Skyway in the east. Running North to South, you’ll find Highway 406 that starts at the QEW and runs to St. David’s Road.

Your muffler is important to keeping St. Catharines and the surrounding Lake Ontario beautiful as it reduces harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. Your muffler is also responsible in keeping your car quiet as you accelerate.

For over 50 years, Speedy Auto Service has been an expert and leader in muffler and exhaust system service. Wonderful advancements have been made in the exhaust system and muffler components, meaning your muffler and exhaust will last you longer than it ever did on your grandparent’s car. Unfortunately, given our lakeshore climate in Saint Catharines, we often get a lot of heavy lake-effect snow. And with lots of snow comes salted roads that may lead to corrosion to your vehicle’s exhaust pipes, muffler, hanging frames or catalytic converter. As we are skilled with muffler and exhaust repair, our service is quick, and should you require muffler repair in Saint Catharines we can have you fixed up with little inconvenience to you.

Merritton Neighbourhood Auto Repair Shop

Speedy Auto Service in St. Catharines is equipped to do any auto repair on your car, pick-up truck, van or hybrid vehicle. Meaning if you have a problem with your air conditioning, car battery, steering, or transmission, we are here to help. We understand that there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to car repair garages, which is why we always want to make sure you leave happy.

To book an appointment at our auto repair garage in St. Catharines, simply call us at 905-682-6005, or use the handy form located at the top of this page. We are open 8am to 5pm every weekday, or you can stop in from 8am to 1pm on Saturdays where we will happily service or examine your vehicle.