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Friendly Car Service in Sarnia

Speedy Auto Service - 169 Ontario Street

Efficient auto repair in Sarnia

If you want it fixed right the first time, head to Speedy Auto Service for your auto repair in Sarnia. Our certified and highly trained technicians are here to help. We are happy to answer any of your questions and address any concerns you may have about your vehicle. We only use brand name, warranted parts for your auto repair in Sarnia.

We offer bumper to bumper car service for all makes and models for whatever auto repair is needed in Sarnia. We repair and replace brakes, exhaust systems, spark plugs, and so much more. No repair is too small. No matter what you drive, head on over to Speedy Auto Service for your auto repair in Sarnia.

Fast and easy oil change in Sarnia

Here at Speedy Auto Service, we like to keep things simple when it comes to an oil change in Sarnia. We offer a quick, while you wait service for your vehicle. We understand that your car's maintenance cannot always be your top priority, and Speedy is dedicated to providing an efficient oil change in Sarnia every time.

Having fresh oil plays a major part in your engine's well-being. Old oil will not prevent friction as well and can cause seal and gasket damage over time. To keep your car running like new head to Speedy Auto Service for an oil change in Sarnia.

Get your brakes repaired at Speedy Auto Service in Sarnia

At Speedy Auto Service in Sarnia, our Auto Mechanics know brake repair like the back of their hand. Brake repair is one of the most important car services your vehicle will need, and at Speedy, you’ll be in and out in hardly no time at all. You can trust Speedy Auto Service in Sarnia for all your brake repair needs.

Have your muffler repaired by the King of Mufflers

Did you know that when Speedy Auto Service first opened it’s doors in 1956 we were originally called Speedy Muffler King? That’s right! We were one of the first muffler repair specialists in North America, and we still haven’t forgotten the skills we used way back then. So if you're looking for an auto repair company that has experienced auto technicians with a background in Muffler Repair then Contact Speedy Auto Service today!

For amazing service and fast turnaround time, try Speedy Auto Service in Sarnia today. You can call us at 519-491-6408 or visit our location at 169 Ontario Street.