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Respected Car Service In Saint John

Speedy Auto Service - 99 City Road

Speedy Auto Service in Saint John has a long and coveted history. In fact, we were one of the very first muffler replacement shops in all of North America. As the years flew by, we expanded our product and service offering to become the do-all car service shop that you know us as today.

Without question, our top priority is customer safety and satisfaction. To do so, we hire the most talented auto technicians in the country and work industriously to get you your car back while-you-wait. Our Speedy Auto Service Saint John car repair shop has the capacity to service all makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV's so you'll never be turned away.

Don't let your car problem progress. Let the Saint John Speedy Auto Service team make your vehicle safe for you and your family. To book an appointment with our team of auto repair specialists, call (506) 634-8015 or visit our shop at 99 City Road, Saint John.

We Make Customer Safety and Satisfaction a Priority

Here at Saint John Speedy Auto Shop, every customer is a member of our family. Regardless of how long you've been doing business with us, we treat you like an old friend - from day one. And with this kinship, comes our responsibility to tune up your car as diligently as if we were protecting a family member. So, we make sure every car that comes through our doors gets the best possible service, to guarantee your safety on the road.

We are also strong communicators. Our team of expert technicians make a point of explaining, in layman's terms, all of the servicing your may car need. And we do this before we start any work.

We make a point of being transparent. Here at the Saint John Speedy Auto Shop, we give you a written estimate before we start any work and the final bill will never exceed our quoted price. Better still, Speedy Auto Service guarantees every part and service you receive from us.

Central to our customer-oriented approach is the Franchise Owner, Barry Keirstead. Barry has nurtured a culture where our employees constantly strive to go above and beyond our customer's expectations.

Your feedback over the years has helped Barry develop an environment where our customers are treated like royalty, both personally, and in the products and services you receive.

At Speedy, you're Somebody

Wheel Alignment in Saint John

With all the potholes, speed bumps, and uneven pavement that your car encounters, the chances of your wheel alignment changing is quite high. If you start noticing that your car is being pulled to one side, you might need to have your alignment adjusted. Your wheel alignment plays a big role in keeping your car running smooth and increasing the lifespan of your vehicle.

Adjusting the wheel alignment of a car is part of a standard automotive maintenance procedure. So whether you're looking at having your alignment checked or your vehicle is in need of having the wheel alignment adjusted, step into Speedy Auto Service Saint John in New Brunswick and our team of experts will have you back on the road in no time.

Quality and Time Efficient Service

Speedy Auto Service in Saint John offers a variety of vehicle repair and maintenance options.

Our qualified technicians are always available to help with all of your brake, shock absorber, struts, and front end repair needs. Not only that, our technicians are multi-talented and can help you with tire sales, road safety inspections and vehicle maintenance services like lube and filter replacement.

Maintaining your car's oil can be tricky. Any car oil retailer stocks a number of different oils, all of which seem to serve different purposes. So, which one do you choose?

That's where our expert technicians in Saint John can help. When getting an oil change in Saint John, we inform you about the type of oil to use based on your car and your needs. Better still, we give you a future schedule for how frequently to have your oil changed.

All of our services have in mind your vehicles longevity, and your safety. Regular maintenance at Saint John Speedy can prevent safety hazards from occurring and costly crashes coming to fruition.

At Speedy Auto Service we have the latest diagnostic equipment that lets us pinpoint the precise problem. That way, your car gets fixed right - the first time. Whereas other auto repair shops sometimes make an educated guess what's gone wrong, we aim to be 100% sure, 100% of the time.

Whatever your auto repair or maintenance needs are, Speedy Auto Shop in Saint John has a leading auto repair team, which will help get you back on the road safe and sound.

So, call Speedy Saint John today at (506) 634-8015 to book an appointment with one of your many qualified technicians. Our shop is located at 99 City Road, Saint John.