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Located between Highway 16 and Highway 97, Prince George is a supply and service hub, making our city the largest city in northern British Columbia. The west coast beauty of British Columbia, combined with a thriving economy has made Northern BC one of the fastest growing regions in British Columbia.

As the city grows, so does the traffic, meaning your brakes will get a good workout during rush hour. Fortunately, if you have good driving habits, most brake repair is relatively simple and we can have you in and out of Speedy Auto Service relatively quickly. Speedy is famous for our efficient and effective auto repair and car service.

So if you’re hearing a light squeaking noise when you’re approaching a stop sign, don’t panic and automatically assume you’ve got a lofty repair bill. Chances are you just need your brake pads changed, and the price and time commitment of changing your brake pads is rather nominal.

If you hear a grinding noise when you use your brakes, we suggest you get service immediately. Grinding is usually a sign of metal touching metal, and the longer you leave it, the more damage you will cause to an expensive component of your vehicle. Grinding usually happens after your brake pads wear out completely, but it may also be caused by a component that has warped due to too much heat.

Another common brake problem you might have is the brake pedal having no resistance. In a situation like this, we recommend you have your car towed to a garage you trust. Usually this is caused by a lack of brake fluid, often due to a leak in a brake line. When your brake pedal has no resistance, again we recommend getting your car towed as essentially you are driving with no brakes, or very limited stopping power.

Muffler Repair Prince George

While Prince George’s winters are mild, our winter months still dip into the negative digits, which means we get snow. With snow comes salted roads which can lead to rusty car parts as well as potholes left behind from snowplows. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for your vehicle’s exhaust pipe to rust through and start dragging on the road after hitting a hole in the road. While this is common, we suggest you don’t take it too lightly and investigate the problem as soon as you by pulling over to a safe area. Driving with a broken exhaust pipe has the potential of causing carbon monoxide poisoning if it leaks into your cabin. In a situation like this, see if you can wire your exhaust system so it no longer drags, then get it repaired as soon as you can.

When your muffler is shot, there is no mistaking the loud and angry noise your car makes when accelerating. However, in another situation, your muffler might make a buzzing sound. This buzzing noise is often caused from a loose heat shield that is on your muffler or catalytic converter. We here at Speedy Auto Service in Prince George can often re-weld the heatshield for you so it’s secure, and have you on your way in a short period of time.

Auto Repair Prince George BC

Speedy Auto Service is an auto repair service that has been around since the 50’s. Our longevity is attributed to our quality of work and our customer service. We’ve set out to build a garage that you’ll continue to come back to for any auto repair you may need. Speedy Auto Service offers repairs for tires, engines, your heating and cooling system, your transmission, electrical work and more. Our Prince George garage is also capable of doing auto repairs on smart vehicles and hybrids. For brake repair, muffler repair, or any other auto repair in Prince George, please contact Speedy Auto Service at 250-563-2022, or use our handy form near the top of the screen. Located in the heart of the city, just off of Highway 16, we are easily accessible for all your auto repair needs.