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Speedy Auto Service - 2285 Carling Avenue

Looking for a one-stop, full-service garage that will look after all your auto repairs in Ottawa? Then drop into Speedy Auto service for some of the best fix-it-while-you-wait auto repair in Ottawa. At Speedy Auto Service, we're proud of our long history of providing affordable and reliable auto repair service to drivers in Ottawa and all Canadians. At Speedy we can handle all your auto repair needs. You can count on Speedy to do your routine car maintenance. Our trained and qualified technicians inform you of simple but important operations that are recommended by the manufacturer of your car. Our experienced team members know what services your vehicle needs and perform them efficiently and effectively to avoid expensive auto repairs in the future.

When it comes to an auto repair shop in Ottawa, Speedy Auto Service has some of the highest standards of performance. The same standards Speedy sets for every Speedy Auto Service location in Canada. After all, Speedy has been part of your neighbourhood for over 50 years and knows the auto repair business inside out, giving every single customer that enters the garage the attention they deserve for their auto repair needs. We look forward to taking care of your brakes, suspension, batteries, mufflers, tires, an oil change, or auto repair in Ottawa at our 2285 Carling Avenue location. You can find us on Carling just west of Woodruffe Avenue.

Need an Oil Change in Ottawa? Speedy Auto is Fast and Affordable!

Regular filter and oil changes are one of the simplest ways to keep your car engine running well. Many of our customers wonder, "How often should I have an oil change?" In Ottawa, with its extremes in temperature, you should change your oil at least twice a year when the weather changes from hot to cold and back again. If you do a lot of driving, you'll need more frequent oil changes. Ottawa commuters are an example. Check your owner's manual for manufacturer recommendations.

Oil circulates through your engine to lubricate all the moving metal parts and cooling the engine. Over time, the oil breaks down as it picks up contaminants and particles of carbon. It becomes less efficient and dirty, signalling that it's time for an oil change. In Ottawa, Speedy can offer you a quick, affordable oil change that will add to the life of your car engine.

Muffler repair in Ottawa

Before we branched out to all around automotive repair, Speedy was known as “Speedy Muffler King” for our expertise in Muffler auto repair and Muffler replacements along with our fair pricing. Speedy Muffler repair Ottawa will take care of your vehicles muffler in no time at all with quick service and a smile.

Just as you should have a seasonal change of tires to handle winter driving conditions, you also need a winter oil change in Ottawa. The weather conditions in the capital area practically demand that you get a winter oil change. In Ottawa, when the temperatures begin to drop, it may be wise to switch to a thinner oil. This allows your car to start easily, and promotes complete lubrication of those vital engine parts as soon as you turn on the ignition.

As the seasons change, make certain you drop in for auto repair and an oil change in one of Ottawa's leading full-service auto repair shop. That's Speedy Auto Service at 2285 Carling Avenue. For an appointment with an experienced technician, book online or call us at (613) 820-9433.