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Quality Auto Repair in North Bay

Speedy Auto Service - 1307-09 Fisher Street

Speedy Auto Service is your best choice for fast, reliable auto repair in North Bay. We know how essential your vehicle is for day-to-day living, so you'll never have to wait long for car service at our North Bay Speedy. We're proud of the attention to detail, care, and commitment to excellence we provide in all our maintenance and repair services. We treat our customers and their vehicles with the respect they deserve because, at Speedy, you're a somebody!

Whatever your requirements for auto repair in North Bay, we can help. Our professional and highly skilled technicians can diagnose and fix a range of automotive needs from brakes to suspension, tires, exhaust, shocks and struts and much more. We're a full-service one-stop for auto repair in North Bay, with the experience necessary to handle all your vehicle needs.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools are continuously upgraded, so we can identify and resolve any issues efficiently, saving you time and money. Not all North Bay auto repair shops have access to this technology; they resort to trial and error, which can be very expensive. For the best value of auto repair in North Bay, visit Speedy Auto Service. We're here to help!

Time for an Oil Change in North Bay?

It's one of the most important and the easiest things you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. When you need an oil change in North Bay, visit Speedy on Fisher Street. We stock all the varieties and weights of oil vehicles require, and we always take into account the age and type of your vehicle, and the weather conditions you're driving in " a must for an effective oil change in North Bay. Our high-quality variety of motor oils and efficient while-you-wait service make us the best choice for an oil change in North Bay so you can keep your engine running like new.

Contaminated oil doesn't protect surfaces in your vehicle's engine. This means you have a higher chance of metal touching metal, which can only bring trouble. Prevent costly repairs with simple maintenance, like an oil change at North Bay Speedy Auto Service. At least twice per year and more if you rack up the kilometres, you'll need to keep your engine clean and free of debris with a regular oil change. In the North Bay area, drivers often travel significant distances in all kinds of weather, so you'll need your car or truck to run at its best, problem-free.

Not sure how often you should change the oil? The more distance you drive and the more rugged the driving conditions, the more often you should change your oil. Even if you don't drive a lot, we also recommend changing your oil after extreme temperatures. As you can imagine, the hot summers of Noth Bay, combined with our cold winters can cause problems for your vehicle's oil. Consult your owner's manual or talk to one of our knowledgeable technicians at Speedy for advice " we're the responsible driver's choice for an oil change in North Bay" fast and efficient, while you wait service!

Come by our convenient location at 1307-09 Fisher Street in North Bay, just off the Trans-Canada Highway. You can also book an appointment online or give us a call at (705) 476-4440 " we're ready to assist with all your automotive needs!

In the video below, Mike Ouellette, from North Bay, Ontario tells us how great it feels to go from being a manager, to a Speedy Auto Service franchise owner. He also explains the relationships he builds with his customers, and how great that makes him feel.