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Full-Service Auto Repair in London

Speedy Auto Service London - 493 Wellington Rd

Drivers in London and all around Southwestern Ontario face a full range of driving conditions over the course of the year, and that means all of your vehicle’s components need to be working well to give you the best ride possible. Whether you need air conditioning work to keep you cool in the summer, or tire servicing to help you tackle icy and snow-packed roads in the winter, Speedy has you covered. From small repairs to large overhauls to routine maintenance, our technicians have the expertise and the experience to repair cars, trucks, and SUVs of every make and model.

More than mufflers

Here’s a quick history lesson. The first Speedy Muffler King store opened in 1956 as one of the first auto repair shops that specialized in muffler replacement. That store grew into a chain, and it became one of the first to set out performance standards to establish strong relationships with customers and maintain consistently high levels of technical service.

Here at London’s Speedy location, we carry on that history of quality service and customer satisfaction. Of course, we’ve expanded our product offerings and service capabilities to handle much more than muffler replacements.

Engine repairs and tune-ups

To keep your vehicle running efficiently without compromising horsepower, your engine needs regular maintenance and timely repairs if things aren’t in working order. We can diagnose any problems your engine may be experiencing, and examine all the critical internal components like wires, spark plugs, and filters. Pull into Speedy Auto Shop in London if you’re due for an engine tune-up, or if you suspect some problems under the hood.

Brake repairs

Your engine keeps you moving forward, but the ability to slow down and stop safely are just as important. Your brake pads, shoes, drums, and rotors all need to be working in unison so that you can brake without surprises. Those components wear down over time because of the heat and friction that are generated from every drive. Malfunctioning brakes put your control, and your safety, at risk. Do you hear screeching when you brake? Feel pulsations when you step down on the brake pedal? If so, the experts at Speedy can offer a fix.

Lube, oil, and filter service

Oil and lubricants cut down on friction and help cool the vital pieces in your engine so that you can drive smoothly. Carrying out regular oil and filter changes will help any vehicle, but they’re particularly important if you drive in cold weather, in stop-and-go traffic, in dusty conditions, if you haul heavy loads, or if you tow a trailer.

Tire servicing

Our technicians can not only inspect tires to detect issues, but also perform wheel alignment so that you get the most out of your tires. Alignment services are recommended when you install new tires, or if you notice your car pulling to one side while you’re driving.

Highland Neighbourhood Auto Shop

We also offer a wide array of other vehicle repair services to keep London’s vehicles roadworthy. If you’re having issues with your ride, or need maintenance work to keep things in peak condition, visit us at 493 Wellington Rd S, London, Ontario and let us know how we can help. Save time and book an appointment with us by calling (519) 685-1290.