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Top Rated Auto Repair in Lasalle

The first Speedy Muffler King store opened in 1956, and since then Speedy has been offering the same great service year after year. With knowledgeable and helpful auto mechanics, Speedy Auto Service LaSalle is your number one choice for all your auto repair needs.

Speedy Auto Service - 7605 Newman Boulevard, Lasalle

If your vehicle breaks down, the last thing you want is to have shoddy repairs done to it. When automotive repairs aren’t done right, they can force you to bring your vehicle into a shop time and time again. We know the frustrations that some drivers have faced after receiving substandard repairs on their vehicles, and that’s why we strive to offer LaSalle drivers the very best repair work so that they can spend less time in the garage, and more time on the roads around Montreal.

Putting our customers first

In addition to offering top quality repairs done by trained and certified technicians, at Speedy Auto Service LaSalle, we work to make the experience of coming into our shop as pleasant and easy as possible. We show our customers respect, and are always available to answer any questions they may have about their vehicles and our repair services. We keep LaSalle drivers informed through the repair process and work to carry out quick repairs that don’t compromise quality.

Looking for an oil change in LaSalle?

If you’re a stickler for adhering to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule – and good for you if you are! – then Speedy Auto Service LaSalle is the place to take care of all your routine maintenance jobs. We offer quick oil and filter changes to keep your engine performing at its best. With the right, fresh oil, the moving parts inside your engine will stay lubricated to cut down on friction, and stay cool to safeguard against overheating. LaSalle drivers who rely on their vehicle for hauling equipment or towing trailers trust their hardworking engines to the experts at Speedy Auto Service for regular oil, lube, and filter servicing.

Brake repairs

Stop and go traffic around Montreal requires drivers to be equipped with properly working brakes. Your brakes help you slow down and stop safely, and keep you in control of your vehicle. But brakes wear down from routine use, and when they do, your control can be compromised. If you haven’t had brake servicing in a while, or if you notice grinding or screeching noises when you hit the brakes, head into Speedy Auto Service LaSalle so we can get them working at their best again.

Engine servicing and tune-ups

Your check engine light offers a warning that something might be amiss under the hood, but it doesn’t tell you exactly what. The expert mechanics at Speedy Auto Service LaSalle can help you determine just what’s off, and how to fix it. Regular engine tune-ups that involve inspections of your wires, spark plugs and filters can also help catch problems early, and fix them before they have the chance to become larger issues that require more extensive repairs.

We’re a proud member of the LaSalle community here in Montreal, and we take great satisfaction in helping our friends and neighbours resolve their automotive issues and get back on the road quickly, easily, and with confidence. If your vehicle needs repair work, or if you’re due for some scheduled maintenance, come into Speedy Auto Service LaSalle at 7605 Newman Boulevard, or call us at (514) 368-7022 to set up an appointment. You can also book your appointment online. We look forward to working with you!