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Quality Auto Repair in Kingston

Speedy Auto Service - 691 Gardiner's Road

Speedy Muffler King opened its first store in 1956 and was one of the first muffler replacement specialists in North America.

Speedy Muffler King understood the importance of building strong customer relationships and was one of the first automotive repair service chains to establish standards of performance to assure its valued customers consistently high levels of service at each and every one of its locations across Canada.

Over the years Speedy Muffler King expanded its products and services and in 1993 changed its operating name to Speedy Auto Service In December 2007, Speedy Corporation acquired Speedy Auto Service.

Gardiners/Meadowbrook Neighbourhood Auto Shop

The Speedy Auto Service Kingston auto repair shop specializes in offering the very best while-you-wait service for all makes and models of cars, light trucks and SUV's. Although muffler replacement is still a primary service, Speedy's auto mechanics also specialize in brakes, shock absorbers, struts and front end repairs as well as the sale of tires, road safety inspections and vehicle maintenance services that include oil, lube and filter replacement.

Our Kingston auto repair shop which is located on 691 Gardiners Road, takes pride in being able to help keep the citizens of Kingston safely on the road, because at Speedy you're a somebody.

Speedy Auto Repair Kingston (691 Gardiner) has been committed to the city of Kingston and their residents for decades and continues to provide dedicated service and excellence for all their automotive needs.

Speedy Muffler King built our business, since 1956, providing Muffler service and replacements, for all makes and models of cars.  Our name, as did our service, evolved over the years and now Speedy Auto Repair in Kingston provides a full complement of automotive parts and services for all makes and models of SUV’s cars or light trucks.

Our vast array of repair services and automotive parts include: lube, oil and filter, muffler and exhaust, tire sales and repair, brake servicing, heating and cooling, steering and suspension, transmission, batteries and electrical, engine repair and diagnostics services.  

Choose Speedy for Tire Repair and Service to your Brakes!

 Speedy Auto Service Kingston employs qualified service specialists who will help you with tire repair, tire selection, or your brake service needs.  We’ve been backing our work with a Customer Satisfaction Guarantee for over 50 years and continue to do so.

Keeping your tires and brakes in proper maintenance will extend the life of your car. Speedy’s Auto repair tire shop is more than just a place to have winter tires put on. Our tire service and repair professionals, help you with your tire repair, maintenance or the right purchase of any new tires for your vehicle.  We do all this to ensure you and your family get through Kingston’s extreme seasonal changes comfortably, safe and sound!

It is important to remember, tires don’t wear evenly. Routine tire rotation and the proper level of inflation extend the life of your tires.  Regular maintenance of your brakes ensure proper wear and stopping. Drivers with smooth tires, driving in slick conditions, are forced to apply a lot of pressure to their brakes, causing brake pads to wear faster than normal, causing potential safety risks. At Speedy Auto Service Repair, our tire shop takes care of your tire repair, rotation or replacement quickly and at a great price.

Our trained technicians at your local Speedy Auto Repair Kingston (691 Gardiner) shop are fully versed in all the complexities involved in servicing braking systems on both older and newer model cars. Given the multitude of components that make up these intricate systems,which include pads, shoes, rotors, drums, calipers, brake fluid, hoses, hydraulics and steel lines, highlights the need to have quality parts and service.  This qualified maintenance ensures that the stopping power of your vehicle is at its safest. That's why Speedy Auto repair Kingston is the place for you!

For all automotive needs, Speedy Auto Repair Kingston (691 Gardiner) is ready to serve you, because at Speedy you're a somebody!

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