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Quality Auto Maintenance in Kanata

Speedy Auto Service at 500 Eagleson Road

Speedy Auto Service has been providing one-stop auto care since 1956. Seeing as we now have locations from coast to coast, you might think that we have become pretty good at what we do! Whether you're looking for auto repair in Kanata or Cranbrook, you can depend on Speedy for fast, one-stop service. Whether it's brake service, shocks, alignment, a tune-up or an oil change in Kanata, auto repair of all kinds is our specialty.

You can find Kanata Speedy at 500 Eagleson Road UNIT #12, just south of Hazeldean Road and 5.5 kilometres south of the Queensway. Give us a call at (613) 599-6040 or book an appointment online. If you live or work in the area, remember that Speedy and our auto mechanics truly are 'speedy'. Most appointments take minutes, not hours, and our team of Kanata auto repair technicians will have you on your way with a minimum of delay.

Kanata Auto Repair With a Difference at Speedy!

Have you heard of the S.A.S.? It's the elite unit of the British Army. We like to think of ourselves as the S.A.S. of the automotive world. Not only are we quick and thorough, but Speedy Auto Service personnel follow detailed, proven procedures. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced. In Kanata, auto repairs are carried out like clockwork thanks to Speedy methods, making your trip to Kanata's auto repair experts as quick as it can be.

Whether you live or work in Kanata, auto repair is something you don't want to travel far for. Why not use your neighbourhood shop? There are several reasons why Speedy is a better choice for auto repair in Kanata, but the main one is cost. Think of it: we have the most sophisticated, up-to-date diagnostics equipment available. It enables us to pinpoint problems very quickly. And because with auto repair in Kanata and elsewhere time is money, the fact that we spend more time fixing problems and less time finding them saves your dollars.

What's the Best Frequency for An Oil Change In Kanata?

Our customers ask how often they should have an oil change in Kanata's challenging climate. The answer depends on how much you drive. If you put on a lot of miles to and from home or work in Kanata, oil changes should be more frequent. Your owner's manual will have recommendations for oil change frequency. We can advise you that at least at the onset of winter, and again when warmer weather comes, it's time to change your oil. In Kanata, as for most of Canada, you should ideally run on a thinner oil in the winter.

A thinner winter oil helps protect your engine. It will reach and lubricate the top of your engine more quickly when you turn the key. An oil change at Kanata Speedy at least twice a year sets a baseline for engine maintenance.

Any mechanic will tell you that oil is the lifeblood of your car. As you drive, the carbon resulting from combustion acts like fine sand in your engine, abrading metal parts. Oil counteracts this action, sending carbon particles to the bottom of your oil pan where they collect in a layer. But some stay suspended in your oil, which is what makes dirty oil darker in colour. Come in for an oil change at Kanata Speedy and you will be doing your engine a real favour.

Whether it's alignment, a tune-up, brake work, new tires or an oil change, at Kanata Speedy we can serve all your needs. And with our one-stop auto service, we'll have you back on the road within minutes. Come see us at 500 Eagleson Road UNIT #12, just south of Hazeldean Road, book online or make an appointment by calling (613) 599-6040.