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Dependable Car Repair Service on Hamilton Mountain

Speedy Auto Service - 824 Fennell Avenue

To get the most out of your vehicle, you must stay on top of your car repairs, and to avoid costly repairs, you must keep up with your routine car maintenance. More importantly, you want to be able to trust your car troubles with a reliable and knowledgeable auto shop. Speedy Auto Service Hamilton opened up shop to provide Hamilton car owners with quality, reliable, and superior auto service.

Quality Exhaust and Muffler Repair on the Hamilton Mountain

The roads can be unforgiving on your car’s exhaust and muffler system, especially after a harsh Canadian winter. Our team of qualified experts at Speedy Auto Service Hamilton understands this concept very well. So if you’ve been hearing an unusual rattling and/or ticking noise from your car, or start smelling a burning odour caused by an exhaust leak, visit our location at 824 Fennell Avenue in Hamilton. We will walk you through the steps of diagnosing the symptoms, then provide you with the necessary recommendations that will suit you and your vehicle's needs.

Providing Reliable Brake Repair Hamilton

Regardless of the vehicle you drive or the time of year, it is crucial to have your brakes in proper working order at all times. If you’re looking at purchasing or selling a used car that is not in road worthy condition, as a part of the safety certification process, the brakes must be checked, and replaced if necessary. So whether you're getting your brakes checked, repaired, or replaced, Speedy Auto Service Hamilton has the expertise and carries some of the best products to provide your car with the safety and reliability you deserve.

Hassle-Free Emission Testing Hamilton

If you currently own or are looking at purchasing a vehicle that is 7 years and older, by law, you must have an emission test done every 2 years while larger vehicles need to have it done every year. The point of the test is to determine if your car meets Ontario’s emission standards. The emission test that we provide at Speedy Auto Service Hamilton is as reliable and quick as any other service we provide.

Macassa Neighbourhood Auto Shop

At Speedy Auto Service Hamilton we make your safety and convenience our number one priority. When you visit our shop, you’re more than just a customer, you’re our responsibility, and you will be provided with the same reliable, consistent, and quality service every time you visit our shop. We love the neighbourhood we work in as we share it with lots of other great businesses such Chadwicks & Hacks, and Chicago Style Pizza. Fennell and Upper Sherman is a fabulous community to be part of, and we always look forward to meeting new people.

For reliable and quick auto repair service in Hamilton contact us today. You can call us at (905) 387-1633, book an appointment online, or stop by our location at 824 Fennell Avenue East. We look forward to serving you.