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Speedy Auto Service - 179 Herring Cove

'At Speedy you're a Somebody.' Most Canadians know our jingle, made famous over the years. With coast-to-coast auto service, Speedy has earned a reputation for fast, courteous one-stop car service. If you're looking for an auto repair shop in Halifax, including brake service, an oil change, tire repair, or maintenance, drop in for a visit! We're easy to find in the south end at 179 Herring Cove Road, just north of Punch Bowl Drive. Give us a call at (902) 479-1334 or book an appointment online. We'll be pleased to look after all your auto repair needs in Halifax.

Why Speedy Is the Best Choice for Halifax Auto Repair

With Speedy, you always know what you're getting: fast, courteous service at a great price. We know you have choices for auto repair shops in Halifax, but if you want peace of mind you can trust Speedy Auto Service every time.

Do you know how Halifax auto repair technicians diagnose problems? There are several ways: visual inspection, experience with a vast range of auto issues, and diagnostics equipment for auto repair. In Halifax, only the best-equipped shops have the latest diagnostics equipment. These 'intelligent' tools can pinpoint problems with your car very quickly. When it comes to auto repair in Halifax, that's a big advantage since time is money!

Luckily for you, our Speedy Halifax auto repair technicians have a wealth of experience and use the latest in diagnostics equipment just two reasons why you should come to Speedy for auto repair in Halifax!

Looking for an Oil Change in Halifax? Speedy Is the Place to Go!

Think any old Halifax oil change spot will do? It's not true. For one thing, you need a quality and proven oil for your vehicle. The friction of engine parts moving together will cause cheaper oils to break down more quickly, protecting your car for a shorter period of time. For another, you need a warm engine, which is why while-you-wait service is important. This will allow all of the oil to drain quickly, taking all of the carbon sediment at the bottom of your pan with it. Especially in the winter in Halifax, oil changes performed on cars that have been sitting at the mechanic's long enough for the engine to get cold don't empty all the old oil full of harmful deposits.

When you need an oil change, Halifax Speedy will provide you with a quality, name brand oil that meets the specifications found in your owner's manual. That may mean using a different oil in the summer and the winter. Here's why: The hardest thing on an engine is the start up. When you haven't used your car in a while, all of the engine oil collects at the bottom of the oil pan. Turn the key and the engine turns over, but until the oil pump pushes oil from the pan up to the top of the engine, there is very little lubrication.

Especially with harsh winters in Halifax, oil changes need to take oil viscosity into account. The thinner the oil, the quicker it can get to the top of your engine to lubricate the moving parts. Next time you are looking for an oil change in Halifax, ask about the brand of oil used, and the viscosity. Use your driver's manual as a reference for the correct oil, and check to make sure that you are getting the oil that the mechanic specifies.

Or, just let us handle your oil change at Halifax Speedy Auto Service. We give you the peace of mind to let us do what's best for your vehicle. So give us a call at (902) 479-1334 or book an appointment online. We'll be pleased to look after all your auto repairs and oil changes in Halifax.