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Quality Auto Repair in Guelph - 228 Woolwich Street

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At Speedy Auto Service, we provide all the mandatory services and maintenance for your car. We have established a positive reputation for our friendly, honest, and helpful auto repair and customer service. We carry the top brand name products and have highly trained and certified professional technicians.

They're always well informed on the latest developments in the automotive industry and they will help you with all your automotive needs and will address any questions and concerns you may have. Our customers are important to us, and we value their feedback and satisfaction to maintain successful, long-lasting relationships. It's our goal to bring you an all-around great experience for auto repair in Guelph!

Speedy Auto Service performs numerous maintenance and service requirements for all your car's auto repair needs in Guelph. Our auto mechanics bring you the highest standard of service for brakes, tires, exhaust, suspension, oil changes, and more! Our friendly team of vastly qualified and certified auto technicians will always do their best to diagnose and solve the issue in a prompt and cost-effective manner. You can count on Speedy for courteous, professional and quality service! Trust us for a reliable choice in auto repair for Guelph.

Quality Oil Changes in Guelph

Every driver knows the importance of an oil change, and at Speedy Auto Service in Guelph we have highly trained and certified technicians who know what's right for your car. We carry a vast selection of top-brand name products for all your car's service and maintenance needs. Speedy knows how important your car is to you and we treat your car with the care it deserves. Our team is dedicated to bringing you quality and efficient service to make your experience enjoyable. We are your one-stop shop for all your car's needs, so come for an oil change in Guelph and let us show you why we are consumers' top choice for auto repair service.

Guelph understands the importance of an oil change. Oil is one of the most important substances in your vehicle, as it keeps a layer of lubrication between various metal surfaces of engine parts. It also serves as a sealant, keeping microscopic ridges and valleys smooth and increasing an engine's efficiency. Over time, your oil will become contaminated and will not be able to effectively carry out any of its usual tasks. Speedy is the right choice for an oil change in Guelph!