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Full-Service Auto Repair in Hull

Welcome to Speedy's Hull Auto Shop - 610 St. Joseph Blvd.

In 1993, Speedy Muffler King became Speedy Auto Service. Now, after over half a century in the business, we are Hull's auto repair shop of choice. With locations from coast to coast, tens of thousands of Canadians trust Speedy for all their auto service needs.

Whether you need brake work, new tires, shock adjustment, alignment or an oil change in Hull, Speedy is the place. We are centrally located at 610 St. Joseph Boulevard between Riel and Saint-Raymond. Call us at (819) 771-6229 or book an appointment online.

Hull Auto Repair In Minutes

We're not called 'Speedy' for nothing. Our business model includes one-stop, while-you-wait service. Once you're booked in for an appointment, rest assured that auto repair in Hull will take an absolute minimum of time.

One of the reasons for this is our state-of-the-art diagnostics equipment. With these computer-based machines, we can identify engine issues very quickly a good thing, because time is money! Not every garage has this equipment, meaning that Hull auto repair shops may waste valuable time just trying to find out what's wrong rather than repairing it.

The other reason for our speed is staffing. You will never find a Speedy Auto Service under-staffed. Our highly trained technicians are on the job, with an appropriate technician-to-car ratio that keeps Speedy Hull auto repair in sync with your appointment calendar. Why waste half a day elsewhere when you can be in and out in minutes with Speedy's auto repair in Hull?

Speedy's Hull Oil Changes Are Entirely Dependable

When you need an oil change in Hull, you have the choice of a trusted name like Speedy or your neighbourhood garage. There are several differences. First of all, Speedy uses only high grade, name brand oil of a weight specified for your car's engine. Second, we will have you in and out in minutes. Third, winter oil changes in Hull demand a warm engine, and Speedy delivers every time.

In the winter, oil becomes very thick. When a technician allows that oil to escape from the oil pan without properly pre-heating your engine, the flow of oil may not be strong enough to wash out harmful carbon deposits left at the bottom of the pan.

A cold engine defeats the point of an oil change in Hull or anywhere else. But that's often what happens when you have to leave your car for hours to get a simple oil change. With Speedy, you can drive up and we'll have your oil changed in Hull in minutes. And if you drop your car off early, we will be sure to warm it up before changing the oil. In Hull, winter is when your engine needs protection the most, so trust Speedy to do it right.

For an oil change in Hull, transmission repair, a new set of tires, or auto service of any kind, call us at (819) 771-6229 or book an appointment online. We're here, at your service!