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The Best Auto Repair in Gatineau at the Best Prices

Speedy Auto Service - 372 Maloney Blvd. West, West of Rue Main

Welcome to Speedy Auto Service in Gatineau! With 50 years of experience in taking care of Canadians' automotive needs, Speedy is your number one choice for car repair in Gatineau. Knowledgeable and helpful staff, frequent technical upgrades, and the buying power of a national chain make us your top destination for auto repair in Gatineau.

Since time is money, we take care of your Gatineau car repair needs quickly and efficiently. You'll never find yourself waiting and waiting. Speedy Auto Repair shops run like a clock! So when that "Check Engine" light comes on and you need expert diagnostics and auto repair in Gatineau area, we'll take care of your needs while you wait.

The Best Auto Repair in Gatineau at the Best Prices

An unexpected car repair is never good news, but at Speedy Auto Service we try to minimize the impact. Our national auto repair shop presence across Canada means that we can keep our prices competitive, so car repair in Gatineau is always affordable at Speedy. We carry a wide range of quality parts for a variety of makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. That means no waiting around for parts! Your time and money go further at Speedy consider us your one-stop shop for auto repair in Gatineau.

Being the best also means having the best equipment, and a big part of that relates to diagnostics. The best auto repair shops in Gatineau have up to date diagnostic equipment for most makes and models of car. The right equipment allows us to pinpoint the problem quickly rather than guessing, which can take time. We'll also listen to your needs and answer any questions you may have regarding auto repair in Gatineau in language that you can understand. When you need efficient and timely auto repair in Gatineau,no matter how big or how small the job, come see us. At Speedy you're a somebody!

Fast and Efficient Oil Change in Gatineau

Not sure when you last changed the oil in your vehicle? Then it's probably time for an oil change! In Gatineau, you can rely on the skilled and efficient staff at Speedy Auto Service to provide you with the best service at the best price, fast.

Some of our customers wonder about the importance of an oil change. Gatineau winters are harsh, so getting your oil changed in the fall will better prepare your car to face the winter months. We often recommend a thinner oil for winter, as it gets to the top of your engine faster when you turn the key on cold mornings. Your starter doesn't have to work as hard, and engine damage due to lack of lubrication is less likely.

But when oil gets dirty, it fills up with tiny carbon particles from the engine that act like sandpaper. This makes oil black, and if you rub it between your fingers you will feel that it's abrasive. Your engine thinks so too! Whether you're in a warm climate or right here in Gatineau, an oil change is the best preventative maintenance for your vehicle.

When you need an oil change in Gatineau, our technicians will give you all the options and advice you need to make the most informed decision about the type and weight of oil that's best for your vehicle, your driving habits, and the time of year. How often you need this essential maintenance depends on a few different things what you drive, how far you drive, and when you're driving. We take your answers to these questions into consideration when you visit Speedy for an oil change in Gatineau. Preventative maintenance includes regular oil changes, and saving you money in the long run.

Visit our conveniently located Speedy Auto Service for brake or exhaust system work, transmission repair general maintenance, or an oil change in Gatineau. Call us at your convenience at (819) 663-1044 or book an appointment online. Come by at 372 Maloney Blvd. West, west of Rue Main, we look forward to seeing you!