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Speedy Auto Service at 2404 50th Street S.E.

When you need car maintenance in Edmonton, look no further than Speedy Auto Service for quick and efficient service. At Speedy Auto Service, we offer expert service in minutes, at a price you can afford. Whether you're looking for a routine tune-up or more involved auto repair such as Brake Repair, visit our friendly auto mechanics at 2404 50th Street S. E. located between 23rd and 25th Avenue.

You have a lot of options when you are in need a of car mechanic and auto repair in Edmonton, and we always appreciate your time when you visit us. Speedy Auto Service built its name recognition on customer service and trust, which is why we've had the longevity to last the past 50 years. Speedy Auto Service in Edmonton is proudly owned operated by people who live in the same city as you, and face and understand the same issues you may be having, whether it be our cold winters, occasional rough roads, and daily commuting. When you bring your car in for car maintenance, our mechanics do several checks to ensure you are ready for the season. For example, our auto mechanics always make sure you have the right type of oil to prepare for our frigid Edmonton winters. We also ensure your battery is in good shape if winter is approaching so you always make it to work on time. By spending a small amount of time on car maintenance, you can greatly reduce expensive auto repairs later down the road and ensure you can go about your daily routines and keeping you on track in life.

Brake Repair in Edmonton

Edmonton is a city known for being a cultural, governmental and educational center. We host so many festivals year round that our nickname is actually "Canada's Festival City". With all this human interactivity comes traffic, and the stop and go nature of driving through the busier parts of Edmonton takes its toll on your brakes. If you hear a grinding noise coming from your brakes or a high pitched squealing, be sure to visit us to have your brake pads replaced. Salt on the roads during the winter has a habit of corroding brake lines and corrupting brake fluid, so if you notice a change in your stopping power, make an appointment to see us. We got our name Speedy Auto Service by offering services such as Brake Repair in an efficient manner without sacrificing quality.

Tire Dealer - Edmonton

Not only does our Speedy Auto Shop in Edmonton handle brake repair and car maintenance, we are also an authorized Tire Dealer. As we know the province of Alberta well, we can recommend tires based on how you use your car and your needs. If you are a salesperson who does a lot of back and highway driving on highway 2 to Calgary, we would recommend a different tire than for a used car you bought for your daughter so she can commute to the University of Alberta for her studies. The same goes for if you are a tradesperson, and you need tires for your service vehicle. Speedy Auto Service has the knowledge to find you a durable tire that can get you through muddy and rough terrain that often comes with construction sites, and will withstand the debris such as nails and stones that could puncture your tires. Speedy Auto Service is conveniently located in the Mill Woods Town Centre Community, right by the Grey Nun's Community Hospital. It's a neighborhood we love working in, as it's a beautiful area in the heart of Edmonton.

Affordable Oil Changes

What our customers expect when they come in for an oil change in Edmonton is speed and reliability. At Speedy Auto Service, we respect your time and perform your oil change in Edmonton in minutes while you wait.

One of the benefits of our while-you-wait service is that an oil change in Edmonton is more effective the warmer your engine. This allows all the old, contaminated oil to drain out quickly and completely, taking the harmful sediment carbon and metal sediment that abrades your engine with it. If your vehicle is parked at a garage long enough to cool down, you won't be getting the best oil change in Edmonton. Furthermore, depending on the time of year, oils of varying viscosity are available to better protect your engine. During frigid Alberta winters, a thinner oil is preferable while during the summer a thicker oil should be used to properly lubricate your engine.

Additional Automotive Services

From brakes to exhaust to tire alignment to transmission service, a wide selection of tires, and much more, Speedy can tackle any Car Maintenance needs you bring our way.

Speedy has more than 50 years' experience in providing while-you-wait service. We've become experts at perfectly timed auto repair. Edmonton is a busy place and most of our customers don't have time to wait around. Part of our secret is our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that's constantly being upgraded as newer automotive software is released. Without these 'smart tools' that interact with your vehicle's online computer or 'brain', mechanics must rely on trial and error to diagnose problems before performing auto repairs. Edmonton customers value quick resolution of problems, both because they get their vehicles back sooner and because it's easier on their wallets! At Speedy, we can identify issues quickly and perform Edmonton auto repair efficiently so that you can get back on the road.

Visit our well-appointed and conveniently located Speedy Auto Service for an oil change in Edmonton, and for all of your automotive needs. Call us at (780) 466-4507 or book a visit online. We're easy to find at 2404 50th Street S. E. in the southeast end of Edmonton, just north of Highway 216. We look forward to serving you!

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