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Quality Auto Repair across from SAAQ Dorval

Speedy Auto Service at 2345 Boulevard Hymus

Speedy Auto Service (previously known as Speedy Muffler King) opened its garage back in 1956, and ever since then Speedy has been offering reliable and consistent car service to car owners across North America. Speedy Auto Service Dorval opened up shop to follow the same traditions, providing fast, reliable, and quality auto repair to the car owners of Dorval/DDO.

Speedy Oil Change Dorval

Your car deserves the best, and at Speedy we only deliver the best. Every car is different and our experts understand this concept. Poor quality oils degrade more rapidly, doing your engine no favours. You can trust Speedy for the best quality and most reliable oil change.

So when you're in the market for an oil change in Dorval, visit our Speedy Auto Service location, and we will assist you in choosing the right oil for your car and inform you of when it is the best time for your next oil change.

Guaranteed Brake Repair Dorval

It is crucial for your brakes to be in proper working order at all times. Every car owner understands the role brakes play in the safety of the driver and the passengers, and at Speedy Auto Service, you and your passengers safety is our number one priority.

Speedy Auto Service provides superior expertise and carries some of the best products to provide your car with the safety and reliability you deserve. Our qualified experts at Speedy Auto Service Dorval/DDO will inspect your brake system thoroughly, and based on the inspection they will provide you with their recommendations and a written estimate. So visit Speedy Auto Service Dorval/DDO for a brake repair or check today

Auto Exhaust Repair and Muffler Repair in Dorval

Dorval receives a fair share of Canada’s harsh winters. These winters really impact the roads, making them hazardous to your muffler and exhaust system. With all the stones, snow, salt and many other hazards on Canada’s roads during the winter, your exhaust, and muffler system is extremely vulnerable to damage.

If you notice a burning scent and/or a rattling noise coming from your car, you could potentially be in need of a muffler and/or exhaust repair. A broken exhaust system could lead to a reduction in fuel efficiency. Visit Speedy Auto Service Dorval/DDO and our experts will provide you with the necessary repairs your car exhaust system needs and have you back on the road in no time.

Prepare for Winter with Speedy’s Rust Proofing Service

Dorval’s harsh winters is not only a hazard to your muffler and exhaust system, it’s also a hazard to your vehicles exposed areas. The moisture and the salt from the roads are the prefect combination to cause rusting underneath your vehicle, the hinges, and exterior surfaces in general. Once you notice rusting, the repair is tedious and costly.

Rustproofing is the ideal solution to avoid these costly repairs. It’s a little investment that will have your car running in tip-top shape while looking good for years to come. Speedy Auto Service, like any other product that it carries, uses only the best of solutions for rust proofing your car. Visit Speedy Auto Service Dorval and our team of experts will rust proof your car thoroughly without missing a spot.

Get on the Road Fast with the Confidence You Deserve

At Speedy Auto Service Dorval we understand how frustrating it is to have an unexpected auto repair, and that is why we provide fast auto repair services without sacrificing the quality of work. Car owners who visit our garage get back on the road quickly and with confidence, knowing that they do not have to visit a repair shop anytime soon.

Visit Speedy Auto Service Dorval for Reliable and Consistent Auto Repairs

The Speedy Auto Service Dorval/Dollard Des Ormeaux auto repair shop offers the very best auto service for all makes and models of cars, light trucks, and SUV's. Our goal is to provide the best experience we can for our Dorval customers by offering the best technicians, equipment, parts and customer service in the area.

Speedy Auto Mechanic Dorval/Dollard Des Ormeaux offers a range of automotive services including brakes, tires, engine tune-ups, suspension repair, air conditioning, radiator repair, cooling system, and electrical. We also offer vehicle maintenance services that include oil, lube and filter replacement. Our auto repair shop located on 2345 Boulevard Hymus across from SAAQ Dorval, takes pride in being able to help keep drivers safely on the road.

If you are experiencing any problems such as strange noises, smells or leaks, or if you are noticing any changes in steering, braking or starting your vehicle, please book an appointment online, or give us a call at 514-542-3801. We will have our qualified staff check your vehicle and advise you on the best solutions and help you stick with your recommended maintenance schedule.

Speedy Auto Service Dorval/DDO cares about the car owners and their satisfaction just as much as the car itself. Your safety and satisfaction are what we strive for.