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Speedy Auto Service at 9 Fisherman Drive: The Smart Choice for Auto Repair in Brampton

The perfect spot for auto repair in Brampton is one that does a great job, car mechanics that can finish work in minutes, is reasonably priced and close to home. That's a tall order, but it's become the formula for Speedy Auto Service. With over fifty years behind us and locations from coast to coast, Speedy has become synonymous with great value auto repair in Brampton and across Canada.

Need new tires? Alignment? No matter whether you're in need of a major auto repair or as simple as an oil change, Brampton Speedy will more than satisfy your requirements. You can find us on the west side of Brampton at 9 Fisherman Drive, just west of Hurontario Street and two blocks south of Sandalwood Parkway. Call (905) 840-9965 to set up an appointment, or book online. Our Brampton auto repair specialists are ready and waiting to help speed you on your way.

Auto Repair in Brampton for All Makes and Models

Many Brampton auto repair shops claim that they service all makes and models of vehicle. And they do, but most cannot do so efficiently. Each vehicle manufacturer has its own set of diagnostic tools. If a shop doesn't buy these and keep them up to date as upgrades come along, they must guess at engine, electronics and other problems, solving them by trial and error. Since time is money, that can get expensive.

Given its proximity to Toronto, there are so many models of vehicle in and around Brampton, auto repair diagnostics becomes an expensive proposition for an independent garage. Luckily Speedy can take advantage of economies of scale, providing our Brampton auto repair shop with the same cutting edge equipment that you will find at our locations across the country.

Brampton Oil Changes in Minutes

What most people want in an oil change in Brampton is quality oil, good advice, and fast service. That's an exact description of Speedy Brampton's oil change service. We keep oil filters in stock for most makes and models of car, and we schedule only as many appointments as we can serve pretty much as soon as they arrive. That way, you're not kept waiting in Brampton your oil change is completed within minutes and you're on your way.

When our customers ask how long they should go between oil changes in Brampton, we ask them about mileage. The more you drive your car, the more frequently you should change your oil. Brampton customers sometimes commute to Toronto every day and may have oil changes two or three times as frequently as those who work locally. The best idea is to consult your owner's manual, which will advise how often to change your oil. When you come in for an oil change at Brampton Speedy, we will put a sticker in the corner of your windshield to remind you when to come in next.

Next time you need tire repair an alignment, a tune-up, brake repair or an oil change in Brampton, just give us a call at (905) 840-9965 or book your appointment online. You will find us at 9 Fisherman Drive, just west off Hurontario Street 2 blocks south of Sandalwood Parkway. We will be ready and waiting to serve you. We appreciate your business!