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Speedy Auto Service is happy to announce our donation to the Toy Mountain charity drive. The Greater Toronto Area's Speedy franchise owners hope that their donation of $15,000 dollars will help to brighten the Christmas mornings of children in need. We would like to thank the Salvation Army and CTV for their hard work in organizing this drive. The success of this drive is a result of your dedication. We are very happy to include our franchises among the generous donors who contributed to bringing in $154, 925 for children in need! We believe that every child should get a present on Christmas and we thank everyone who helped make this possible.

Respected Car Service in Brampton

Speedy Auto Service at 251 Queen St. East

People in Brampton depend on their cars. To get to work, to school, for shopping and recreation. That means they want their car in and out of the garage quickly, with a minimum of delay for auto repair. In Brampton you have many choices, but one stands out for quality.

Speedy Auto Service has been delivering great car service to Canadians for over fifty years. No matter where you go in Canada, you'll find a Speedy Auto Service nearby for all your one-stop car repair needs. Whether it's a new set of tires, a basic maintenance package, alignment, exhaust system repair or something simple like an oil change, in Brampton auto repair is synonymous with Speedy.

You can find us in central Brampton at 251 Queen Street East. We are a few minutes west of the 410 and just west of Rutherford Road. Call us at (905) 459-7822 or book an appointment online. Our team of Brampton auto repair technicians will take care of your needs with a minimum of delay.

Speed and Accuracy in Brampton Auto Repair

We couldn't call ourselves Speedy if we weren't fast. But it's our accuracy and attention to detail that have ensured our success in the field of auto repair. In Brampton you have your pick of service options. Why do Bramptonites choose Speedy again and again? One reason is that we have proven methodologies for car service. Brampton garages follow all sorts of methods and many none at all. Some want you to drop your car off for the entire day. How convenient is that?

At Speedy, we book only as many appointments as our technicians are able to handle on the spot. And we know how long it takes to do different kinds of repairs. Our Brampton auto repair technicians are highly skilled and very efficient. The Speedy training program can teach even seasoned mechanics a few tricks that save time while ensuring quality auto repair. Brampton Speedy is no different.

Speedy guarantees accuracy and saves time by eliminating guesswork. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment can show our Brampton auto repair technicians what's wrong with your vehicle in a matter of seconds, ensuring that you are paying not for a whole lot of investigation, but for actual auto repair. In Brampton, we look forward to serving you for all your auto-related needs.

Winter or Summer, get a Quick Oil Change In Brampton

Ask any mechanic if changing your vehicle's oil is important, and they will tell you that it's the lifeblood of your car. It's true: cars consume fuel, but oil lubricates their moving parts. As the oil gets dirty, little particles of carbon from the combustion process start acting like sandpaper in your engine, wearing down parts. The solution is an oil change. In Brampton, that means Speedy.

You have many options for an oil change in Brampton, but Speedy is the best choice for a few reasons. One, we are centrally located just off the 410. Two, if you're just looking for a quick oil change in Brampton, we will have you in and out in minutes. Three, we use only high quality, name brand oil of a weight that suits your vehicle. We stock a wide assortment of oil filters and we will also lubricate important moving parts.

At Speedy Brampton, an oil change comes with extras. We will inspect your tires, your brakes and your signal lights for free, and can easily perform a 15-point tune up at the same time.

No matter what your auto care needs, Speedy is there for you. Whether it's a tune-up, comprehensive auto service or a simple oil change, in Brampton your best bet is Speedy Auto Service. Come visit us at 251 Queen Street East, call (905) 459-7822 or book an appointment online.